IOU Make Everyone simple for Trade their Assets

hello pal. in case you are interested by joining the IOU mission, it is well worth reading the critiques to help you get statistics about the subsequent vision and assignment of the assignment:

Empowering Blockchain merchants and consumers with decentralized and cozy Peer-to-Peer era using patron pride and loyalty through merchant’s change-capable IOUs.

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what is IOU?

IOU seeks to reinvent the present consumer loyalty applications in a bid to offer extra blessings, manage, and flexibility to the merchants. Doing this will make it feasible for the merchants to assure their clients the first-rate possible customer pride degrees. this can be in alternate for the advertising prices already incurred.

The loyalty gadget being proposed by using IOU will make it viable for the business proprietors to construct new interplay stages with their shoppers. moreover, they’ll additionally be capable of offer an opportunity for their clients to freely exchange the IOUs of their ownership with other customers.

IOU E-trade Blockchain Loyalty machine Platform advantages
by using tokenizing the service provider promotional offers thru the blockchain, clients and traders gets to enjoy the following blessings:

Loyalty And consumer Retention
All IOU duties will go on to change into Flagship Blockchain Loyalty packages for the commercial enterprise owners. merchants will, therefore, have get admission to to an efficient and secure manner of selling all their special gives to clients.

Viral marketing
customers will essentially emerge as sellers for the traders. they may be able to goal different purchasers on the peer-to-peer exchange looking to change the IOUs they have with different clients. this is something to be able to be based on the cost and want in the meanwhile a transaction is being done. it is an technique in order to make it feasible for enterprise operators to attract and retain a stable purchaser influx.

The IOU Peer-To-Peer exchange
This unique change is one this is being driven by marketplace flexibility. clients will be capable of securely purchase IOU gives from enterprise proprietors with each buy having precise terms for the promotional product or service, e.g., trade terms, limited quantity, and expiration date.

it’s miles a type of flexibility this is probably to provide purchasers with sufficient time-body to use their products or services. instead, they may additionally have sufficient time to alternate the IOUs of their ownership with others who may be inquisitive about them in any area throughout the globe.

international virtual E-commerce tendencies

overall international populace: 7.476 billion human beings. Urbanization stands at fifty four%
 net customers: three.773 billion. Penetration stands at 50%
 active social media users: 2.789 billion. Penetration stands at 37%
 particular cellular users: four.917 billion. Penetration stands at 66%
 active cellular social users: 2.549 billion. Penetration stands at 34%

IOU IOUX Token & ICO details
traders might be required to pay a 5 percentage gasoline price using IOUX tokens for each and every IOU provide that is issued for clients. In return, IOUX token holders can be supplied with a 5 percent discount as an incentive. They might additionally acquire an extra 20 loyalty tokens each time a purchaser or merchant accumulates transactional tokens totaling 1000 or extra.

Post ICO Token Distribution

  • Public : 57.5%
  • Founders and Management : 20%
  • ICO Advisors and Bounty Marketers : 2%
  • Company : 20.5%

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Total number of tokens: 800,000,000
  • 800 IOUX tokens : 1 ETH
  • Pre-ICO : 10, 000,000 tokens with a 40% volume bonus
  • ICO : 100,000,000 tokens (tokens sold bonus, time of crowd sale bonus, and volume bonus)


MAR 17

Market Research.

2:MAY 17

Feasibility Study.

3:JUN 17

Prototype Design.

4:JUL 17

Development Environment Setup;
 Start Implementing Existing Loyalty System Modules into Blockchain Environment.

5:AUG 17

Start P2P IOU Exchange; Development.

6:SEP 17

Phase I: Module Testing and Q/A.

7:OCT 17

Finish P2P IOU Exchange Development.

8:NOV 17

Start Mobile Application Development;
 Start Phase II: Loyalty Project Development.

9:AUG 18

Finish Phase II: Loyalty Project Development;
 Start Phase III: Loyalty Project Development;
 PRE-ICO / White-Listing.

10:SEP 18

Start ICO / White-Listing.

11:DEC 18

Finish ICO / White-Listing;
 Finish Phase III: Loyalty Project Development;
 Exchange Listing Initiative.

12:JAN 19

IOU Loyalty System Testing Q/A.

13:FEB–MAR 19

IOU Closed Beta Release.

14:APR 19

IOU Beta Release;
 Start EMEA Marketing Expansion Campagn.

15:JUN 19

End Beta — IOU v. 2.0 Release.

16:AUG 19

Finish EMEA Marketing Expansion Campagn.

17:SEP–DEC 19

APAC Marketing Expansion Campagn.

18:JAN–MAY 20

North America / Iberia / Latin America Marketing Expansion Campagn.



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