Muzika Network ICO Review

In today’s music trade, the challenges round the possession, validation, and distribution of content create it tougher than ever for artists to ascertain a property career. To combat this drawback, Muzika is developing a spanking new, self-sufficient digital music system on the blockchain, one that connects content creators and fans directly with each other while not the requirement for intermediaries.
 The company already has access to a pair of million active users from their founders’ previous venture, Mapia Company. additionally, Muzika has established a technical partnership with metaphysics, also as business partnerships with Blackhorse, Panony and Duane Morris & Selvam LLP. Their current investors embrace modern world capital, Ontology, 256 Ventures, Blackhorse, and alternative well-established players within the blockchain house.
 The Muzika team consists of three entrepreneurs WHO are flourishing in their previous ventures and were conjointly featured in Forbes ‘30-Under-30’. Together, they attempt to wrestle a $45 billion music trade by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, empowering musicians and shoppers, decentralizing the distribution of power, and restoring the balance of economic distribution among market players.



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About Muzika Network

Previous music blockchain comes have unmarked the importance of an outsized userbase to attain widescale adoption. These comes have incontestible that it’s attainable to relinquish the next commission rate to artists for his or her work victimization sensible Contract transactions. However, for artists, the low commission rate offered from ancient music streaming apps that had vast userbases were a lot of engaging than blockchain apps victimization sensible Contract transactions. Case in purpose, a tenth commission of $1,000 from iTunes was desirable to ninetieth commission of $1 from a wise Contract dealing.
Muzika aims to supply musicians the most effective of each worlds: the next commission rate for his or her artistic content and a powerful userbase. Muzika has developed a powerful system for incentivizing fans to contribute to the Muzika scheme. These incentives can build the userbase necessary for Muzika to supply each higher commissions to artists in conjunction with the mass userbase of ancient music streaming sites. The network result from a mass userbase are the key to developing associate autonomous, self-sufficient scheme. In alternative words, Muzika will give musicians with ninetieth of $1,000.
Muzika has already created vital achievements towards the event of property answer to inefficiencies within the digital music trade. In 2015, co-founders of Muzika saw a chance within the on-line music trade and began on-line music platform Mapiacompany. in mere over three years, Mapiacompany has become the #1 world music platform with over a pair of million users. Muzika can hinge upon this existing userbase and community.

How it works

Muzika’s digital music scheme can perform as a channel for distributing and business enterprise music content whereas providing truthful compensation to artists. Fans also will get to partake altogether stages of a song’s lifecycle, starting from support and production to consumption.
Overview of the Muzika Ecosystem:

Within this self-sufficing scheme, community members area unit rewarded with loyalty points for a range of community activities, as well as selection, commenting, posting, and sharing songs. These loyalty points area unit then regenerate into Muzika’s utility token, MZK. The scheme conjointly provides an immediate link between sponsors and artists, facultative sponsors to pay artists directly for his or her music.

The ecosystem on Muzika platform

  • Muzika can follow a Steemit like choices square measure visiting be at intervals the platform live alternative and selection power square measure visiting be seen at intervals the platform. Users will vote for auditions or song postings.
    Blockchain and wise contracts square measure used for copyrights contents at intervals the platform.
    Loyalty programs, users World Health Organization use extra the platform can get loyalty points. Loyalty points square measure visiting be one in every of the computation for risk power, Loyalty points is converted into MZK.

Token info Muzika
Token details:
Token name: Muzika
Symbol: MZK
Token type: ERC20
Total supply: one billion MZK



Total number of tokens 1,000,000,000

% for salen20.5 %

Total number of tokens for sale 205,000,000

Hard-cap 20,000 ETH


Muzika can turn out associate autonomous, freelance system driven by artists and their fans in bicycle, wherever compensations and rewards will become proportional to the extent of devotion place into musical creations and system behind them.
Smart contract can allow digital musical merchandise to be transferred directly from artists to fans, guaranteeing fairer and additional clear economic distribution.
Fans square measure rewarded with loyalty points for his or her numerous community activities, which could be usually regenerateinto MZK coins — the sole medium of exchange for all economic activities at intervals the system.
Fans can have opportunities to make mission to their favorite artists, supporting them and receiving exclusive blessings reciprocally.




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