Development is always self-development

Drucker on people development

Development is always self-development. For the enterprise to assume responsibility for the development of a person is idle boast. The responsibility rests with the individual, her abilities, her efforts. No business enterprise is competent, let alone obligated, to substitute its efforts for the self-development efforts of the individual. To do this would not only be unwarranted paternalism, it would be foolish pretension.
Drucker, Peter F. (2009-10-13). Management Rev Ed (p. 256). HarperBusiness. Kindle Edition.

As a manager I know that my success depends on and is measured by the successful growth and development of the people on my team. It is therefore easy for me to think that I am responsible for “developing” people on my team . This quickly leads to a feeling of incompetence and looming failure because I have little confidence that I can somehow magically develop people in this way.

Drucker does me a favor and reminds me that it is “idle boast” to even think I could do that. Phew.

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