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VM Movement

Great to see Thoughtful Thursdays is continuing and we have a new home, and I like the new monthly schedule with more time to respond :)

I’ve started 2017 reflecting on what I want to do differently this year - everything from which volunteering I want to continue with, how to use Outlook differently (apparently it should be a tool to help me, rather than my life being dictated by what’s in the diary - any tips very welcome!) and also thinking more proactively about my career. I’m lucky to have a supportive manager who is encouraging us all to set aside time each month for learning and development, so I want to make the most of that. One thing I’m thinking about at the moment is how to recognise (and tell others about) my work achievements, how to celebrate success, and I’d also like to finally take on some budget management this year as it’s a big gap on my CV. Has anyone managed to make that happen, any tips?

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