Mozilla is Doing a Hack Job on Open Badges
Kerri Lemoie

Kerri — got excited about your post as soon as I saw the link.

For a group who’s tied our new online learning platform to open badges and recommend our users use the Mozilla Backpack — which has caused one or two users a problem due to the lack of support this year — what do you recommend we do now? We aren’t developers per say, but online learning designers. (No house developer team). It’s hard to know where to go — should we try to use a different platform or create badges on our own? I worry about the support for our users. I also don’t want to be “ok now do this instead” unless it’s a more permanent answer. I love the idea of open source idealistically as well, and don’t want to necessarily abandon that spirit.

Great perspective because I absolutely felt a bit abandoned/confused when we were moving ahead with the backpack and had no idea that the open badges team didn’t really exist anymore (until the user problem came up). Thanks for the explainer.

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