Screenshot from the Future of Work Podcast

Recommended #1: The Future of Work Podcast

Welcome to my new series of recommendation posts — culled from the research I end up doing every week on all topics CPA Center of Excellence-related: collaboration, knowledge management, competency based learning, design thinking, strategy and the like. In the spirit of knowledge sharing, I’d love to spread the best picks I’ve found to you.

My first recommendation is Jacob Morgan’s Future of Work Podcast.

He features interviews with leaders in areas related to the future of work — lifelong learning, personal branding, HR, technology, strategy — all the major themes. While I admit it’s a subject area I already enjoy, what makes it a great podcast is that Morgan interviews his subjects in-depth, allowing them enough time to dive into the particulars, and he does it without the time-wasting banter of many podcasts. He conducts the interview in a conversational tone (it’s not all serious) but stays on topic — key for those of us who love podcasts as a way to learn in a time-crunched world.

My favorite episodes so far are Personal Branding with Dorie Clark and The Future Employee with John Sigmund.