Media and entertainment have become a leader in data insights and data generation due to the tectonic shift to streaming of both music and video. As the industry continues to produce more data, the ability to manage and harness its value is more critical than ever.

All roads lead to Rome. The phrase refers to the road infrastructure consisting of 29 major roads that connected all the empire’s 113 provinces. That’s a lot of provinces!

Today, those roads are data, and Media and Entertainment (M&E) is the new Rome. Not only do all roads lead to data, but the product…

Are you failing to leverage the very data that can ensure your survival in today’s rapidly changing retail landscape? Even an incremental investment in data infrastructure has the potential to transform your business.

In 59 BC the Romans published the Acta Diurna, or “Daily Public Record,” AKA the first newspaper. It shared news of military victories, public gatherings, and other events. The Romans knew the power of information and getting it into the right hands.

Two millennia later, getting the right information into the right hands at the right time is still an issue. Not because we lack information —…

With everything from independent restaurants to large retailers closed, some individuals and businesses alike will not be able to pay their loans or rent in the coming months. This is just one indicator of how the U.S. economy is shifting under the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the country responds, lending providers and governments are altering policies that will impact borrowers and accommodate changes (and stalls) in cash flows.

The challenge to financial institutions is to anticipate market forces and work rapidly to limit risk exposure before it impacts the bottom line. How much exposure do I have across…

Put quality data and great analytics at the heart of all decision-making in Salesforce with Einstein and Tableau. Learn how to maximize your investments and integrate each key player as you build your own dream team.

In 1992, the United States fielded its Olympic Men’s Basketball team with active professional athletes for the first time in modern Olympic history. Some of the sport’s greatest all-time players — Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson — competed as teammates. …

Here in New York City, our Slalom office is empty, and the streets are mostly quiet. But every night at 7 pm, we join thousands of our neighbors cheering out of windows and from rooftops in solidarity with our healthcare and essential workers, who face a daunting challenge: New York is currently the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, the health crisis unmatched in transmissibility and mortality since the 1918 Spanish Influenza.

Our Slalom teams are deeply invested in our communities. Right now, that means helping our local healthcare workers and hospitals leverage their resources effectively. …

Jess Minton

Data storyteller and analytics advocate with Slalom Consulting, NYC.

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