A Documented Robin

“What will become of my remains?”
“That depends. What were you in life?”
“I killed someone once, so I guess that makes me a murderer.”
“Were you punished?”
“Not yet, as it turns out, he was a god.”
“Do you feel remorse?”
“At first I did, and then I rejoiced in his death, we all did. What will become of my remains?”
“Are you worried about them?”
“No, just curious. However, I would rather that they not be fed to dogs.”
“Are you sure you felt remorse?”
“Once I saw a robin, at least he told me he was a robin; he was trained as a robin and carried a paper to prove it. Of course the paper was immediately suspect, as the bird was all black, and even though it clearly stated him to be a robin, I asked him to sing. He could not. I wish I had a paper, something to validate me, prove that I was here. Some cultures burn them.”
“No, remains. Will you be burning mine?”
“I think you’re stalling.”
“Hand me the razor.”

I don’t know what I was thinking.

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