How to Optimize Your Life According to Self-help Gurus and Convince Yourself that it’s Your Idea Because Hemingway

Motivate Yourself.
It’s obvious that you want to do better, so tell yourself you can be better.

“I can be better!”

Congratulations, you’re halfway there.

The best way to motivate yourself is to embrace your shortcomings. If you see how sad and pathetic you really are, you will be more willing to open yourself up to the stimuli necessary for improvement.

The most important key to becoming a better you, besides reading articles expressly written for that purpose, is to realize that you can do better. “Can” is a great motivator. A comprehensive list of motivators can be found in my book of motivation entitled, My Book of Motivation.

Get off your ass! Life isn’t fair! Nobody owes you anything! (obligatory tough love)

Thanks to the internet, you have all the tools necessary to become a success in life right at your fingertips. There are countless writings on how you can be a better you, all you have to do is glean the information, memorize the information, and adhere to the information.

“The only thing that separates us from monkeys is the opposable thumb.”―Sir Isaac Newton

Learn Stuff
It’s important to learn stuff. We are constantly learning as we go through this crazy thing called life, but are we learning the right stuff? 
A good way to sort the wheat from the chaff is to read articles specifically designed to help you. Look for key words in the title: Optimize, Life Lessons, Method, How-to, Step-by-step, Ultimate Potential, Ten Things You Need to Know…

Many of us waste precious time searching for answers that others have already found.

Develop Opinions
Do not fall into the trap of needlessly researching stuff. Again, thanks to the internet, there are plenty of opinions that have already been formed and are shovel-ready. Countless opinions and points of view, waiting to be expressed by you, are just a click away. Don’t allow your stupidity stand in the way of achieving a better you or obtaining enlightenment, listen to what others have to say. Feast on what has already been harvested from the Knowledge Tree, then apply it to your life and social settings vehemently. Do not be afraid to groupthink.

Do Not Overdevelop Opinions.
When choosing an opinion from your peers, be careful that you don’t water down their ideas with your own. Thankfully, most of the opinions expressed on the internet have the thinking baked into them.

“Life is better with gravy on the taters.”―Ludwig van Beethoven

Don’t Be Afraid to Help Others Succeed.
This one is self-explanatory.

Font Choice.
Make other people’s ideology yours by personalizing it with your favorite font. Even if it’s a freshly acquired thought still in the memorization process, a stylish font can make all the difference in the subconscious compartmentalization procedure.* The right font can really set you apart from the rest of the pack and establish you as an individual.

*The subconscious compartmentalization procedure can be found in my book, Harnessing The Subconscious Compartmentalization Technique.

Here is a list of fonts that I have found to be most effective in projecting originality. 
Brandon Grotesque, Caslon, Avenir, Brown, Gotham, Proxima Nova, Aperçu, Futura 8. 
Feel free to mix and match from the list to truly express your individualism…individuality.

“Things are only as pretty as you make them.”―Albert Eintein

Wear Comfortable Shoes When You Apply Self-help Methods.
Make sure your shoes are not too tight but not overly loose. Many shoes have adjustable fasteners so that you can optimize your comfort. A list of the ten most comfortable shoes can be found in my book entitled, The Ten Most Comfortable Shoes.

Shit doesn’t need to be hard, in fact, it’s a hell of a lot easier than you might think.