How Will Susan Rice be Handled?

First, we will find out what Bush did. All optics of less than proper behavior by Susan will be deflected and quickly buried with examples of the possible mishandling of classified information during the Bush era. Likely, for good measure, it will be interspersed with expert commentary on how Reagan’s “trickle down economics” failed ‘Murca. Any hard evidence pointing toward impropriety on Susan’s part will be dismissed out of hand as a necessary evil required to preserve ‘Murcan values.

Next, we will be forced to suffer through endless videos of Trump’s campaign speeches. Loops of Trump openly colluding with Putin by asking for 30,000 of Hillary’s emails and montages of him calling “all” Mexicans drug-crazed rapists. More likely than not, Trump’s ringing, default endorsement of David Duke — by not disavowing him fast enough and often enough — will resurface. Every tweet Trump ever made will be parsed word by word with references to the Dictionary Act endlessly fact checked and rechecked through an especially, patriotic Snopes-Politifact joint task-force.

Then, we will watch the Sunday news shows and hear each of the hosts throw softballs and coach Susan Rice through hour-long, kid glove interviews getting to the bottom of why what she did wasn’t illegal and why she didn’t lie when she said she didn’t know anything about it.

In the coming week, Fox will show how “fair and balanced” they are by spotlighting guest appearances by Geraldo telling us how spying on U.S. citizens isn’t nearly as atrocious as dousing the dreams of dreamers, and Krauthammer quadrupling down on how wrong Trump is, just because.

Rachel Maddow will do a two hour super-hype special on Nothing Burgers featuring some of the best hype of her career.

Thanks to Rude Dog.