Christianity makes an easy target for a plethora of reasons.
Tim Garrity

I similarly find myself withholding insults for those who find fault in the basic doctrine of Christianity as it was given by Jesus. I don’t mean them as insults, but the condescension with which I must point out Christianity’s superiority among religions truly sounds insulting. Even to me.

Evangelism, by it’s very definition, is contradictory to silence; the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness. I also can’t think of a religion that is better illustrated by example than Christianity. Examples that include the founder’s own sacrificial death.

Intellectuals and academics like to paint themselves as peaceful and benevolent. Enlightened observers outside the fray of it all, an objective eye looking in, but they are as bloody as any religion that has the audacity to spawn them. The moment man thinks he’s smart enough to hold an intelligent conversation with God, he conspires to kill him.

The truth is, the civilized ground from which the grand thinkers and highbrows and bookworms pontificate from is always scorched earth, without exception. The heretics must be driven out in the name of this god or that god, so that the enlightened might later come and expound upon the folly of war, more specifically, war made flesh by religious dogma.

Wherever man has laid the cornerstone of a university, it was previously an unholy and untamed wilderness. Someone’s happy hunting ground or stonehenge. A place that had to be taken from “pagans and savages” so that it might properly flourish in the shadows of the refined men.

Before we can grow learned and cultivated and examine, in depth, the many flaws of God, we must first use Him to scare away the boogeyman.

I doubt primogeniture was a deciding factor in the Crusades, though, I’m sure many disgruntled brothers were sent off to die in war so that big brother’s wine and mead remained arsenic free.

I stumbled across a video by Dr. Bill Warner that shows the true extent of Muslim aggression throughout the ages and the response by the Crusades. Bill Warner is an atheist and disagrees with all religion. His heathen soul will burn bright in the fires of hell, but he makes a pretty good YouTube video.

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