Poor, Poor, Aleppo

What’s with the sudden interest in the children of Syria?

I’ve been ranting about this, on various political message boards, since Obama walked away from his red line in the sand, and have only been met with, “Duuhhrr…where’s Syria?” responses. (Before you get your skivvies in a bunch and think this is an anti-liberal rant — It’s not.*)

I really wish this issue would have become the flavor of the week back when the Syrian body count was 18,000 instead of 500,000.

Does the mainstream media really have to say it’s okay to give a fuck before we give a fuck?

When Obama bashed America in his U.N. speech, while holding the door to Syria open for Russia to bring in their toys and troops, I was livid. I was beside myself spouting incoherent idiocies and ranting about the stupidity of this reversal of foreign policy disguised as a partnering in the ISIS fight. America went from its wishy-washy stance against a ruthless dictator, who kills his own people, to actually allowing the dictator’s strongest friend come in and prop him back up. I yelled at my TV for hours.

When everyone was asking, “WWJD?” about all the “orphans and widows” coming out of Syria, I was jumping up and down, pointing at the red line in the sand — actually, I was just pointing at the place where it used to be because it had been drowned in blood at that point. “Where’s the fucking no-fly zone?” I yelled in all caps. “Why are we asking ourselves what we should do with them, instead of asking ourselves why we didn’t stop this madness in the first place? We are as guilty of starting the fight as any Syrian.”


I screamed, “Jesus would enforce a no-fucking-fly zone!” I was called a racist.
(*Hillary and many others, in the Obama administration, told Obama to enforce a no-fly zone.)

Now, the media approved “time to feel bad” has arrived. Yay! Now, it’s okay for us to care.

We didn’t give a damn then, why are we suddenly caring now? What, besides an astronomical rise in the body count, has changed?

I posted an image of a headless, four or five-year-old Syrian girl, on a political message board, back when the Syrians had first started killing each other in earnest and was asked to leave the board. The girl was being held up by someone who was obviously distressed that she was dead, so the image told me that she had value to someone. I thought it would illustrate the fact that atrocities were being committed while we looked the other way. The members of the board “didn’t want to see that shit on their site.” I was called a “ghoul” and my password was deactivated.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad there’s sudden interest in all the killing in Syria, but why now? Why not back at the red line? Was the red line just a starting line? Why did we wait so long? Why did we wait until Russia had a chance to dig in? At this point, we could ignite a world war trying to do what we should have done.

It’s almost like all this death was orchestrated. While the media had us scanning the horizon for an Ebola-positive, transgendered, black marketeer with a full bladder, selling bits and pieces of aborted babies to second amendment nut-jobs watching the desert tortoise crawl across a gubberment land grab, Syria collapsed in on itself.

I feel like I’ve been raw-dogged with a sandpaper reach-a-round.

The audience I usually rant to (politically), numbers in the several hundred (closer to 125), now I’m going to scream at ten or eleven people on Medium.

My voice shall be heard!


Disclaimer. This is a kick in the crotch of the media disguised as a relevant political statement.