What “Things Going Wrong” Can Look Like
Yonatan Zunger

Speculation, conjecture, and fear mongering.

“I expect,” “we should expect.” — Fear mongering.

If I was a Latino, lacking proof of citizenship, and I knew the Stormtroopers were coming, yet I had a legal right to be in the U.S., I would get busy getting my papers in order. I suggest that everyone get proof. I had to do the same shit, why should Latinos be exempt. You can’t even open a bank account without two picture IDs.
You show me more than a handful of Americans of any color that are willing to pick fruit or work in the rice fields of Texas, and I’ll kiss your ass square on the rosebud. Hitler isn’t out to vacate jobs.

The “targeted Muslims” are from countries that have no, or failed governments that have little to no access to the personal records necessary for proper vetting and background checks. The “target” is the nation not the Muslims within. Otherwise, every country with a Muslim majority would be on the list.

The police were out in full force in Ferguson because the “protesters” immediately commenced burning down the house. Legal protests require permits, usually filed weeks in advance, and they don’t block intersections, interstates, or interfere with emergency services.

This next part, I almost pissed myself laughing.

“For trans people, a systematic passage of laws somewhere between legalizing and mandating discrimination in all things. This is already legal in much of the country, but again, it’s possible to turn up the knob: to basically ensure that being trans causes you to lose your job, your home, and have your children taken away from you.”

WTF? This is ridiculous. I can’t even imagine someone taking that shit serious.
A friend of mine has to register as a sex offender for, guess what? Public urination. He broke the law and now he has to pay. It seems like a ridiculous law, until you apply a bit of common sense…if public urination wasn’t against the law, every cock-waggler from here to Timbuktu would say he was taking a piss and didn’t see the schoolgirl in front of him. My friend now holds his piss until he can find a bathroom or a really dark alley.

Speculation, conjecture, and fear mongering. You should be ashamed.

You seem to “expect” a lot of things, but I expect that not one of your expectations will be fulfilled. I’ll bet you $14.32.

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