Speech Ballooning the Heart and Follow

Art is Art!

Stop looking at me!

Someone has laid bare their soul.

Should I read it?

Do you have permission?

What if I like it?

Then you are controlling.

Why is it here?

To harvest hearts.

Why am I here?

To grow the hearts.

Is it my turn?

Did you put your name in the hat?

Who’s gonna stop me?

The Heart People.

Fuck it, I’m tapping.

Tap, tap, tapping.

I’m tapping it out.

Art is Art!

Shit is Shit.

Self-aggrandizing exercises in ego masturbation -dot-dot-dot

I’m an artist.

dot-dot-dot- Broken sentences and random half thoughts.

I’m a shitist.

Making things whole.

Making things hole.

Which one is it?

Making things happen.

That is not an option.

I’ll bet this is worth a hunert speech ballons!

I’ll call your speech balloon and raise you a follow.

I fill in a void.

Feelin’, I avoid.

Stop looking at me!

Art is Art!

I am spent.



You should post this on Wattpad.

Like a turd in the pool?

Gotta do something with it.

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