Final Journal Entry

Over the course of the semester, things rapidly changed and though we’ve had to adapt to this new way of living and learning, I can honestly say I learned more than I thought I would in this class. The use of adobe cloud as a whole is something I’ve never used before, having always used alternatives like Garage Band and iMovie, so getting into Photoshop and Audition was extremely new for me. I think the use of these things are helpful, not just for journalism, but in terms of entertainment and things like social media. I’ve used Photoshop a couple times now for both personal and professional (classroom mostly) cases and though I still have a lot to learn, I definitely feel as if it’s better than the editing apps I used before and will end up helping me in the long run.

In terms of Audition and Premiere Pro, I definitely believe I’ll use these a lot later on in life, especially since my main focus is on films and entertainment. When we began using Premiere Pro, I didn’t know anything about it but the set up was kind of similar to iMovie, which I’ve used multiple times for past projects. I quickly realized that it was more technical and different from iMovie, though it was just as easy to learn how to use the majority of it. Audition was surprisingly easy to use and I think I really enjoy this one due to how easy it is to work with. Video and audio are such an important part of media and reporting as well as having knowledge on how to use these things.

Over the course of the semester, and specifically these last several weeks, I’ve used things I’ve heard about but never actually considered important enough to learn and I’ve created things I’ve actually enjoyed (as well as disliked). I definitely wish I could’ve been in a position where I could’ve learned firsthand and seen instead if watching videos on how to do everything, but I feel like under the circumstances, I was able to comprehend and complete each assignment better than I believed I would’ve been able to when I started each one. If I could’ve changed one thing about my time working with each thing, I believe I would spend more time trying to memorize the keys for Photoshop because having to constantly go back to my notes or google something to remember how to change or add something to a picture is frustrating. I still am not 100% sure how to mask one thing from one picture and put it on another picture (like a flower cut from one shot placed onto a picture of someone). For Premiere Pro, I think I’m going to try to personalize how everything is set up because I’m still more familiar with other programs but I think if I spend more time on it and readjust the different sections, I’ll become more accustomed to it. With Audition, since I’m pretty confident in it already, I think I just need to focus more on the noise reduction parts and make sure I adjust stuff correctly. Overall, I had a great time and experience with this course and it’s definitely opened me up to new experiences.



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Jessica Lawler

I’m a freelance writer and film reviewer, currently attending college in illinois