I have questions.

The ramifications of rules and laws that are made and left unchanged an inherently fluid society has consequences that do not change.

Not easily, and not often.

The ramifications echo, fade, or some order of both.
We have never known where the bottom is.

Variables that scientists had previously assumed to be constants have been revealed en masse in 2020.

A few oldie-butgoodies:

  • Physicists had at least some sort of grasp on how physics worked — then watched laser beam particles change their behavior when being watched (see https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1998/02/980227055013.htme), like they were sentient, going hard in the paint when scientists weren’t watching, then nonchalant and casual when they knew scientists were watching.
  • CERN found the Higgs Boson particle, which give mass to matter. What does that mean for humans? What can be done with that information?
  • TONS of antidepressants: psych meds that are all take-this-one-for-a-month-and-lets-hope-for-the-best pills because nobody seems to really understand why or how exactly they work. Or why different brands work in some people and not others. Has there been some recent amount of research to look into maybe changing this and reframing best practices?
  • Opiates: Ripped lives. So many. Disgusting trail of money there…
  • Global, simultaneous epidemics of obesity and famine. Why is that?

It’s a lot. It feels like a lot, doesn’t it? Like, 'nope’, a lot.

There is a lot of humans out here. And most of us are genuinely good people.
A lot of intelligent people, untapped potential. Wasted time.

All of our most precious resources.

The parts of being human that are vital to existence...(i.e. food, air, shelter, water et. al.) are provided by the government, sparingly or not at all, and conversely, much is expected (work, survival, behavior that fits into the social norm, proper hygiene) with little to nothing at all.

Nothing is given. Not in this lifetime. Everyone knows that.
Yet, as we continue with what often is referred to as progress, life seems to get louder and louder.
So loud, in fact, that the silence, if you do get it, can be deafening. Boring. Compared to virtual reality, where we get to play God, actual reality offers no superpower, no extra lives.

But we still have people in cages.
And we still overuse the pronoun 'we', (much like I have in this article). Maybe because it feels less...I don't know...committal. Less accusatory. Less inflammatory, less risky.
Or maybe that part is just me.

But, at the end of the day, there's noise. Metaphorical megaphones, blasting all types of reasons to be anxious, pour from every screen and speaker. Reasons to not do anything. To be afraid. Stressed out.

Did you know that fight or flight affects your memory? I did not.
I know this now because I have chronic PTSD, which is kind of like being in a constant state of fight-or-flight, but with no palpable end in sight.

Personally, I can’t remember shit. To the point that I asked my therapist and doctor if I was having Alzheimer’s symptoms. What I learned instead was that when your brain is constantly in survival mode, it doesn’t have the time for trivial things, like where I put my keys, or what I got up to retrieve, or that I even put something down at all. My brain has more important priorities, apparently.

Trauma. Most of us have some form of it. Consequently, we have another thing in common, too, in some way. We fear, hurt, love and repel. We love our kids fiercely and our heart breaks for pain in others. At least, that’s my transverse slide, so to speak.
The megaphones aren’t interested in anything genuine or sincere. Nothing purely for humanity. It’s all profit, all the time.

I think the word 'we' is disrespected. A lot.
"I mean, we came to America and did some horrific shit"
"We were terrible people back then"

Who. Tha Fuq. Is 'we'?

Nobody I know has ever tried to murder their way in to power. Nobody I know has ever covered up lie after lie after lie, to generations of millions of people.

You know who has? The relatively very small amount of people who have the megaphones. That is the noise, that's where the constructed sense of urgency originated.

History is written by the "winners" right? Do you know what I think "winners" is? A label. "Republicans", "Democrats", "immigrants", etc. are labels that get people killed. So does "black" and "cop", oddly not mutually exclusive labels. That one is a paradox to me.

Labels get people killed because they make it easier to kill people. Labels are dehumanizing, both currently and historically. I have seen a man go from zero to racist faster than you can say 'basic training' (another misnomer, call it what it is obedience training for murdering strangers by brainwashing to think killing and dying are honorable, just as long as you don't shit where you eat. Now it has echoed in local police depts).
Indiscriminate murder has several aliases, just to make the knowledge of murder go down smoother. Knowledge that the act is financed by every working human in this country, and it is being carried in the name of the People and rebranded an altruistic "war" for "liberation", or the death penalty as a "societal debt". It's still murder. You cannot compensate for death, no matter how it was caused. All you can do is be more empathetically proactive. You gotta care enough to fix what went wrong.

But I digress.
Here's what I think I am trying to say...the megaphones are loud enough that we aren't noticing we're (again) in an abusive relationship. We give our money to some faceless people who will put us in cages if we don't pay them for "protection", and then we just hope they cover what we can't, and beg when they don't. Or yell. Or write an angry blog post ;).
It's almost sex work, just with an invisible pimp and metaphorical fucking.
If we can somehow get under the noise and talk to each other based on what we know from our own personal experiences.... not imaginary drama fueled by the loud ass rich people who bought the news stations and newspapers...we could focus on what we have in common, and get those things straight.
We could make actual progress. The kind you can see. Not the kind blasted at you all the time by people who tell you what progress is, the kind that actually improves lives. Our lives. Yours. Mine. The way we need them to be.

Healthcare? Yes.

No molesting children. Agreed.

Everyone should be treated like human beings-absolutely and without exception.

I bet the majority of you agree with at least that, right?
See? That's 3 commonalities right there, and we haven't gotten those main things straight, let alone stopped.

We are so off the rails that even those basics, that for the most part we can agree on, no matter where we are in life, have gone to the wayside. If you do not agree, there should be efforts to find the why.

So much "data" is pushed into everything, that knowledge for the sake of knowledge is a rarity.
The megaphones are bullies. They demand that every human interaction is basically transactional and their business.

We don't have to do this. We, literally we, could do this better, and we can start at any time.

I just don't know how...but I'm asking for suggestions.

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Don't get up, it's just me.

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