Be Captivated in It’s Hidden Beauty

“Living in a rural setting exposes you to so many marvelous things — the natural world and the particular texture of small-town life, and the exhilarating experience of open space.” — Susan Orlean

Welcome to Brgy. Surngit, San Juan Ilocos Sur. Come and let’s explore this captivating place!

One of the 32 barangays at San Juan Ilocos Sur is our barangay. It is located at the western part of San Juan. To go here, we need to ride tricycle from Poblacion traveling 10–15 minutes going to west. And we will pass five barangays namely Pandayan, Cabanglotan, Camincoroan and Solotsolot.

“Surngit’s Brgy. Hall”

This is the place where our responsible Barangay Officials lead by Brgy. Captain Eduardo Vivit conduct meetings.

“Barangay Surngit’s Day Care Center”

This is the only school Barangay Surngit have. And I am proud I studied here.

Covered court

— where the “Liga Barangay” and other events like “Balikbayan Night” are conducted. This was recently covered this year 2017.

Brgy. Surngit’s Church

Citizens of Brgy. Surngit are gathered here every first Friday of every month to worship God.

“Nature is often hidden, sometimes overcome, seldom extinguished.”— Francis Bacon

Behind the simpleness of Barangay Surngit, behind it is its beauty.

“Way going to the beach”

Brgy. Surngit is located near at the seashore. Most of the Citizens her are engaged in fishing. Come on Let’s be amazed as we visit its different beaches

This is actually captured at “Raois” — part of Barangay Surngit, where the beach is located calling it “Tangrib” — where we can catch fishes, seashells, seaweeds, etc. “Come on! Let’s catch seashells”

Wow! These places are really great where to have a picnic. Gather your families, friends, relatives here and have relaxation/vacation.

“Surngit is Coconut Capital of San Juan”…Come on Let’s pick some of its fruits!


Citizens of Surngit also planted the mangroves for the fishes to live in. This photo was taken at “Raois”.

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