He reminded me of my insignificance today when he shared a quote by Brian Cox. I imagined it was posted for me. The notion that he posted it for me is 99.99% probable to NOT BE THE CASE. Regardless, the most notable line was this, “I am certain that the voyage from the center of creation to an infinitesimally tiny speck should be termed an ascent, the most glorious intellectual climb”.

I liked it. Because, I DO like it. It turns me on. At the same time, it spurs confusion and contemplation. This is one thing I really love about him. His ability to challenge me into spaces that are more foreign and masculine driven than I am used to being drawn to, without being a total dick about it. 
He has a way of doing that. When I was deciding whether I could make it to India a couple of years ago, he was the one who laid it out clearly to me. He’d respond to my doubts and delays in ways like: 
 “You CAN do it, but WILL you?” 
 “Remember not to spend all your time feeling! Do!” 
 “If you’re not on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.”

So, understandably, I never knew if I wanted to tell him to “fuck off” or if I really just wanted to FUCK him. 
 I mean. I knew which one I wanted. Never mind.

Identifying who “he” is, is insignificant. That quote wasn’t posted for me. But, it did make me think. This is true, I am not the center of creation. None of us are. We are but tiny specks.

Photographs of space relentlessly confirm my insignificance. I actually ponder it on the daily, to be true. I remember traveling to India. He was right. It just takes doing, the commitment of going. Once we DO, it is obvious that our tiny little worlds are just a microscopic, minute grain of sand in the realm of human existence. Then, of course, there is the whole reality of our carbon footprints and our conscious consumption and the fact that cultural, environmental and political change derive ONLY from the personal experience. So, it becomes important to acknowledge our significance while simultaneously revering the fact that we are completely insignificant.

He told me once that human existence can be described by stretching your arms out to either side. “The tip of your finger on the left side is the beginning of time…the existence of humans is equivalent to one single swipe of a nail file on your right middle finger.” 
Insignificance all up in your face. Bam.

It puts it all into perspective. We are severely insignificant, yes. And yet. And yet.

Our choices matter. The crux of the human and earthly condition actually relies on us believing that we can make a difference (therefore, we are significant). And yet.

Much of our earthly problems seem to center upon this notion of entitlement, where we revere our significance over the truth that we are just insignificant specks attempting to be the center of creation.

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