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Increase productivity + focus by adopting these simple changes

Five morning micro habits to increase productivity and focus in your day
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What are micro-habits?

Let’s say you set a milestone goal (those big, audacious goals that seem attainable, but barely) to compete in an upcoming triathlon in your city. This is a challenge to your current comfort zones but you have visualized the results and are buzzing with possibility. You know in order to…

Creative pursuits after hours give you surprising advantages in the workplace

Colorful messy creative paint brushes in a pile
Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist, Unsplash
  • By boosting your cognitive flexibility you will increase your chance of breakthrough thinking and creative problem solving.
  • Flexible, creative thinking gets stronger with time and practice. You control these outcomes!
  • Side gigs, passion projects, hobbies and play can all contribute to a more creative mind.


Emma Watson is a highly…

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I help busy people optimize life. Business technologist. Fan of human potential, creativity, collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit.

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