Sankey Diagrams / Erogación

Yesterday afternoon, information on refineries affected by the floods caused by Hurricane Harvey ended.

Alyson Hurt graphic editor of NPR’s visual unit saw an opportunity to work with Katie Park on a chart.

At 4:30 pm I had the information and a quick sketch of what I had in Katie’s data.

However she was not so satisfied with any of those displays.

It was to show that this was a bit of this and this a bit of that other.

I thought of an sankey graph that frankly I like a lot.
30 minutes later at least the way was ready to see if I could continue down that road and they said yes.

Then it was just fine tuning.

The chart changed a bit in its final presentation. I still like these versions more by the contrast chromatic. And well I also believe that not everyone is ready to understand the graphics no matter where the journalists in Costa Rica have happened to me and apparently here as well.