In Which I Try To Elucidate The Last Shadow Puppets’ Miracle Aligner Video

The fake tan! The homo-eroticism! The camp dancing! One baffled YouTube commenter declared he should rather his mother catch him watching midget porn than try to explain her the video he had just seen.

I’m talking of course about the newest video for The Last Shadow Puppet’s album Everything You’ve Come To Expect. This one for track two, Miracle Aligner, Alex and Miles proceed to deliver the same kind of decadent hedonism into our eyeballs as they had hereunto delivered into our eardrums.

The video opens — as a good video only should — with Turner and Kane standing/sitting meditatively above what I can only presume to be Regent Street, while petals fall spectacularly around them. “What is this?” Miles asks in badly dubbed Italian, giving voice to my own thought process at that exact moment.

“This…is an attempt to extract truth…approximately” Turner replies.

Cut to: the two heads of our favourite indie flâneurs, Kane’s close cut, Turner’s spectacularly coiffed, as they stare with undisguised lust into each other’s general vicinities.

And from there it only gets better. While I’m a definite fan of the video for Aviation (in which Miles engages in the practise of digging his own grave whilst wearing Gucci horse bit loafers), Miracle Aligner takes the biscuit.

Clad in off-white suits jackets and half unbuttoned dress shirts, the pair continue to frolic around a dingily-lit Versailles-esque set as the camera tracks around in dizzying circles.

No doubt this video is a direct and delightfully amusing response to criticisms the two have been receiving of late. Alex is often laughed at for his move to the US and its effect on his once-rugged British accent and demeanour. Cue Liberace-style fake tan and flamboyant hand gestures.

Meanwhile, it seems the pair can’t get by without speculation as to the extent of their relationship. Obviously, their response is campy intimacy with one another and a conclusive shot that appears as though they’re having a good old snog in the middle of the dance floor.

And to think, the lyric: “get down on your knees again” was titilating before any visual accompaniment.

Watch the vid here.

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