The Best of Twitter

When things like the systematic shaming of Sheridan Smith or aggressive attack on Zayn Malik by Azaelia Banks happen, it’s very easy to wonder why we have social media at all.

Every day, the unfortunate side-effect of freedom of speech coupled with ease of internet access leads to a great plague of bullying, ignorance and hatred. And when unpleasant online incidents such as these are made so public, it’s hard to sing social media’s praises: like Daily Mail and Youtube comments, it’s a side to the internet we’re ashamed to admit exists. That’s not to say that Twitter has become any worse a place: its ugliness has merely become better publicised.

And yes, now that we’re so often confronted with the monster that is trolling, it is in some ways important to stand up against it.

Equally though, it isn’t any individual’s responsibility to immerse themselves in this practise.

So if your Twitter feed leaves much to be desired, it’s probably a good idea to work some feng shui on the people you’re following. Cut out anyone who makes you feel anything other than happy, or amused, or informed. And while you’re at it, give these accounts a follow:


I knew I would like this account as soon as I read the bio that precludes its incredibly funny tweets: “If you’re considering law school keep in mind I passed the bar exam and now I’m a purple hippo online.”


Having written Reasons to Stay Alive, Matt Haig has become a reason all his own. A mental health spokesperson of the very best kind, he is quick to point out dangers in our contemporary society and is never anything but delightfully optimistic about the futures of any and every one suffering with a mental health problem.


You seriously do not need me to explain this one. Undisputed queen of Twitter.


The first time that I discovered this account — which is a pastiche of women’s advice titbits — I snorted openly into the perfect silence of a 7.58am commuter train.


After appearing on The Great British Bake Off mid-Philosophy degree, Ruby has gone on to be a proponent of food as pleasure.


I wish I was being paid to include this company, but the fact is that they simply do not need to waste money on spokespeople when their social media campaign is so enviably and unfailingly brilliant.


Beautiful, funny, cool. Knows that using colloquialisms and emojis with great liberality doesn’t undermine her opinion. Has probably the best hair of anyone else with a Twitter handle.


Everything you could ever want out of an account that consolidates modern day colloquialisms with art history.

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