Top Ten Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Starters

The best meal ever, hands down. It’s probably safe to assume that most of us look forward to this all year.

As we gather with family and friends, there are moments throughout the day, especially with mixed company, where conversation lulls. You’re not always quite sure of what to say to cousins or aunts you don’t see very often, and those moments can be awkward.

No one wants to be the cause of an argument, or uncomfortable silence. And surely no one ever intends to offend anyone.

Well today, I’m here to help.

I wanted you to have a resource to turn to in times such as these. So, without further delay…

Here are my Top Ten Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Starters

  1. “So, Uncle Ted, what are you going to do with your bunker and ammunition now that Trump was elected?”
  2. “Aunt Irene, are you and all your pantsuit friends protesting Black Friday consumerism? I’m assuming none of you has an actual job to go to tomorrow?”
  3. “Hey Bob, maybe slow down on the whiskeys. Just a guess, but this could be why Trudy left you for the neighbor.”
  4. “Jennifer, seriously, what’s with the attachment parenting thing? Looks like someone has security issues, and it’s not your kid.”
  5. “What does everyone think about marijuana being legali-…well no crap, Tyler, I mean everyone else.”
  6. “Mindy, I don’t mean to be all up in your business, but your problem with not being able to find a boyfriend is that you look like one.”
  7. “Before we eat, I’d just like to say a few words about how much David Bowie, Prince, and Leonard Cohen meant to me. I’ve prepared a one-act play, an interpretive dance, and written a spoken word piece.”
  8. “Debbie, I’m so sorry to see that gluten-free diet hasn’t done a thing for you. Maybe you could try not eating like a linebacker?”
  9. “Betty, I just love how you’re so focused and dedicated to your work and give absolutely no attention to your outward appearance.”
  10. “Thank God we have this football game to pretend to be interested in, am I right? Otherwise we’d have to pretend we’re interested in whatever it is Larry’s been trying to say all day.”

Cheers to a successful meal. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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