Last month, we held VICE’s first Hack Week. Writers, editors, video operations managers, and analysts from across the company worked alongside our engineers, designers, and product managers to create prototypes to share at the end of the week.

On Friday afternoon, the last day of Hack Week, the group gathered for presentations on the bleachers of our Dumbo office. Even with only a week to make them, our teams presented well-considered ideas that evaluated new platforms, incorporated new technologies, and explored new user experiences.

The VICE Buddy team shares their creation

One team presented a cheeky chatbot dubbed “VICE Buddy” that dished out snark in response to…

Creating a Foundation for our Design System

As discussed in Part 1 of this series, the design team at VICE took on a network-wide redesign all of our websites.

From conversations with brand designers and site editors, we knew that strategically, each site should maintain its own brand identity. However, beneath the surface, we needed all VICE sites to work the same way. To do this, we needed to design a single functional layer — the core of how the designs worked — and apply a different set of styles to each site.

We set out to design a foundation for the whole network, and create a…

Designs are sexy—starting them the right way isn’t

This post is part one in a series about VICE’s ground-up redesign. Read Part 2 here.

By 2015, the digital footprint of VICE had grown from a single website into a sprawling network of over a dozen websites with hundreds of instances around the world— sites like Motherboard, Noisey, Munchies, and Broadly. When created, each site was branded, designed, and built separately, which helped the fledgeling brands build strong identities and audiences.

At the outset, this approach was a reasonable one — each new website was an experiment, yet to be validated, and the strategy of spinning up new sites…

Jessica Brown

Head of Design @Clutter, formerly @VICE and @RenttheRunway. Find me @thejessbee or

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