Next Phase of This Thing

Every day I’m wicked fortunate to be exposed to some of the craziest ideas. But that can be a real problem. What happens next is why I’m getting back into writing — the ideas rattle around in my brain and they start to get woven into existing or former thoughts; stuff happening in startup ecosystems around the country, the future of economic opportunities, stuff related to exponential technologies, or even the future of smaller communities, a whole mess of things. These thoughts, ideas, or outbursts go beyond 140 characters, so I’m going to start putting them down here. Who knows whether they’ll be interesting — I sure hope they are. I’ll also use this platform to highlight some of the what I see as the most interesting writing/speaking going on out there.

I want to hear what you think. I want your opinion. I want you to call bullshit if you want to. I want to argue. I get energy from the interaction. Let’s do this thing.

Sometimes they’ll be long — sometimes they’ll be short. My only advice to anyone who decides to read this is, well, hold on tight.

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