Letter to my past self,

How good you are today? I know that you are lonely enough to even speak a word. I know that you are confuse too much to pick a choice. I know that waves are coming to get you and I know that you will eventually drown. Water will flow inside of you like you are a sponge of regret and misery.

Look at me, he pushes you to that water. Leave him, he’ll never be good for you. Do not commit the same mistakes; Do not stay with him and go down in the depths of water for him. No, you didn’t have to do that; Look at him, he sails his ship towards another island while he leaves you there trying to catch a single drop of air. What did you do wrong? Maybe you trust too much on other people and lie on yourself. Maybe you love too much and it became a parasite that slowly killing you inside. Maybe you never learn and your ears are close for words that may save you from drowning.

I know that you are still there wondering,

“Is this the end of line?”

But believe me when I say this girl, you will not die. Someone eventually had the courage to swim to you and save you from death. He will give you air, Air to breathe and live again.

You will not trust him fully, no you wont because you are afraid of waters and you are afraid to swim. But he’ll never be the waves. He’s the mountains and the great views; He’ll take you to high places and give you the freedom and the happiness you never received. He’ll be at the top of the world with you; hands entertwined and souls in collide.

And eventually girl, you’ll look at the waters and never cry. You’ll look at it and smile;

You’ll be thankful for drowning and learning something from it.

Believe me you’re going to be okay. I’ll meet you here maybe at this point in life and tell you,

“See? that’s what I told you.”