Breaking centralized ideas.

Never thought I’d like a jobless day this much.

It’s surprising the amount of time 72 hours represent nowadays. People are always on a rush to everything, I mean, not a single move we do is an easy one. It’s hard to explain the relief two days outside the daily rush could mean to me. Maybe this rush is related to technology, maybe to all the media or simply it is the new society rule(way) of living.

I had to leave work for health reasons for two days, and I had time to calm down the rhythm of my daily life a little bit. Then this movie got me thinking:

When someone ask us to imagine a successful person, isn’t the first image in our heads something like a formal dressed guy or woman, having a phone call, seemed to be pretty busy but also so concentrated multitasking?

I realized I was part of this wrong idea, why is success related to being busy or well dressed? Success is part of what every human being needs to feel plainly happy, but why is it so centralized?

Every human needs their efforts for achieving a personal goal to be appreciated and recognized; as well as having a call of attention if not doing things right. Both of this things should came from a healthy social environment.

But then we start thinking, how many of our real goals we share to people around us, and if we don’t share our real goals, how are we expecting to be supported or encouraged by others?

It’s easy to share a goal like “I’d like to run a marathon” then people will like to collaborate us with some advices and giving support. But what if we share a goal as, “I’d like to travel around the world empowering children to takeover good actions and plans for social development”, or what if we share “I’d like to go around the world riding a bike just to see the mountains and meet people to whom I can share my life’s passions and help the world somehow”. Those are things we do not share, maybe because people will think we’ll fail, maybe because it’s just too confrontational to the centralized ideas of what a successful person should do. If you somehow get the courage to do some of those outside goals that cross your mind, you’ll maybe not be recognized… maybe because society could feel jealousy or maybe because you’re really doing it wrong. That’s something you’ll have to figure out.

The important thing to say here is that we all need to pursuit personal success even it fits or brakes ideals or expectations, but we also have to get prepared and be responsible in order to get success. No chance to run a marathon if you don’t want to do a proper training.

Life may be a puzzle but as long as we get to know well ourselves we’ll be able to figure out what path to follow. And believe me that you’ll find support because there’s nothing more convincing than real inspiration, no one will encourage you to doing nothing, but if you find something that inspires you, that you’ll find it easy to share; even if it’s a challenging idea. With proper preparation Gandhi shared a breaking idea to not only his country but the world. That’s not meaning we all are having an story like Gandhi’s, that’s meaning we all deserve to have our own. There’s no better way to start having beliefs than to start by believing in ourselves.

I’ve liked this workless days because I had time to read, write and share some ideas. Real time to know where I am, and most importantly where I’m heading.

Be proud.

“Pursue excellence, and success will follow, pants down.” —