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Given the importance that is placed on impact measurement as a route to better practice, there should surely be a healthy interest in the impact reports that get published, especially by prominent organisations. …

Survey by Edwin PM from the Noun Project

Imagine you just made a trip to your local pharmacy. You got some advice on a sore eye, and bought some eye drops. You discover the pharmacy is interested in measuring its impact, and you’re asked to respond to a survey over the phone.

When you receive the call, the…

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Everybody in impact investing agrees on the importance of impact measurement and management (IMM). Anybody who has spent more than a few minutes looking into impact investing will know that measurement appears as an issue pretty much immediately. The Global Impact Investing Network claims its recent survey of IMM practice…

As more people become aware of impact investing, the vision will face increasing scrutiny. A UN economist recently dismissed impact investing’s role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), arguing instead for public investment in public goods. This article considers what kind of response the impact investing community could make.

Dr Jess Daggers

Researcher, impact measurement consultant, expert on impact investing.

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