Unconventional Ways To Use Flowers In A Wedding

Whenever we talk about wedding décor, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For a majority of people, wedding décor is synonymous with flowers. From pretty bouquets to flower petals on the aisle to even jewelry, flowers are an indispensable part of weddings. Flowers are also used as centerpieces for tables, boutonnieres and tiaras.

Flowers add a vibrancy, texture and beauty to the venue of the wedding.

In the following sections, you can learn about the creative and unconventional ways in which the wedding planners of Atlanta, GA use flowers for the weddings of their clients:

Flower Details

These are pretty and dainty wedding décor which can add beauty to your wedding venue at a fraction of the cost when compared to fancy flower arrangements. Flowers in one color or different colors to create a gradient effect are stringed together and hung at various places.

Flowers on the Wedding Cake

Flowers are used on the cake in an aesthetic manner- as wedding cakes are white, accents of green and pastel hues like pink and peach can add to the wow factor of the cake.

Light Bulbs as Flower Vases

As the title suggests, these unique flower décor require simple and cheap raw materials- flowers and light bulbs. These turn heads effortlessly. If required, the top is covered in twine and glitter is added to the water within the bulb. This will not only add more dimension to the décor but also add more sparkle to it.

Flower Petals as Confetti Holders

Wedding planners try to bring in a romantic elegance to weddings by replacing conventional rice with flower petals. You can look forward to some beautiful wedding pictures with pretty blossoms in the air.

In Cocktail Hours and Tea Parties

Of late, flowers are increasingly being used during the cocktail hour and tea party- wedding planners in Atlanta GA have added the favorite flowers of the bride in the drinks for a signature style statement.

During high tea, they have used vintage, mismatched teacups with flowery designs and filled them with flowers.