Your Piece for Peace

BOSTON — The Boston Police Department has been proactively attempting to recover illegal firearms for years. One of the more notable methods in doing so is a firearm buyback program referred to as “Your piece for peace.” The program started in early 2014 as an effort by both Police Commissioner William B. Evans and Mayor Marty Walsh to combat gun violence in Boston.

“What you see before you today is that our community is united,” said Walsh, in a public statement made back when the program began. “And we are united with them, in the goal of making our neighborhoods, our homes, and our children safe,” he continued.

The program awards a $200 Visa card to anyone who turns in an illegal firearm to the Boston Police Department. Those who turn in the firearm will not be charged for illegal possession.

“We believe the program was effective, and can certainly be effective in other cities if executed with proper funding, publicity, and community support,” said Officer Rachel McGuire.

The program was initially spurred by the death of a nine-year-old boy in Mattapan, who was playing with a firearm.

The Boston Police Department released data for years 2014 and 2015 showing crime guns recovered, crime guns surrendered and crime guns bought back. The data shows that in that time, 42 guns were recovered through the buyback program. More of the guns obtained however, were recovered or surrendered.

For the full data, see below:

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