COR Community Update: [ Investors, Advisors, COR Token Holders, Friends, Pioneers,COR Builders, COR Workers, CRS Token Holders, and Innovators .. 66 of you and counting :) ]

Jesse Adams, Ph.D.
May 23, 2018 · 4 min read

I love this image. To me it looks like a complete idea — with far reaching impact — is breaking out of another dimension! This is what we’re doing with the core component matrix. As Greg reminds us, it’s about creating value with cognitive surplus, and, as I saw recently it’s like a thought incubator..but with added paths to real traction, action and impact. We’re building an accelerated, immutable work space in a dimension abstracted from bricks and mortar where everything can be built and planned faster until it’s time for its breakthrough into business and cultural impact on “this” side.

We’ve discussed COR and CRS crypto-token network progress, exchange and currency conversion plans, the core component matrix, digital patents and trademarks, CORCOM Solar, mining, and the COR Beta development.

Please continue to load your ideas and follow up tasks into the Alpha version of the core component matrix for inclusion in the next COR valent mining event.

The innovation engine is running, so get your projects and ideas in! To catch up and learn more before July, maybe tuck this article away and read the rest while you’re in line or traveling this summer. Here’s the latest:

One of the early core component discussions , THE PUSH, won best documentary at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and continues to win awards…

.. Greg Durkin also found that about 50% of people’s new ideas they are interested in sharing are for movies and TV shows so we hope to see a lot of film projects come through and get input and direction from pros like Greg.. Thanks Greg and congrats Grant Shawna and teams!

On that note, one of our COR Pioneers and the vocal talent on our videos, Cameron Crain, connected his TV show to the matrix and, subsequently, Idaho Boys accelerated into a successful Seed and Spark Campaign . Congrats, Cam!

Next, one of my ideas that was literally sitting as a post-it note picture with a few words in a file folder since 2013 got sparked with the Matrix and thanks to Steven Malekos, Cameron Crain, and author and actor Shawn Grady, Urlywhirly was the first product prototyped tested and launched with COR. Starting marketing now:

Additional highlights:

1] The corcom licensed divisions and FCAs (founder collaboration agreements) were launched and set with the following impact areas:


These are impact area investments and places to put and accelerate ideas and projects by group.

2] The CRS digital security token and corresponding agreement was launched.

( See: Medium article on our new digital security, CRS.)

3] Corcom solar signed a joint development agreement with to help market and build out a solar-based crypto mining platform.

4] We’re now got 49 registered users

5] We’ve got 62 allocated pioneers [30 allocated for COR development in Africa, starting in Kampala]

6] .. 58 project tickets

7] .. 23 work shards

8] .. 162 core components

9] ..500 COR awarded from the Alpha Valent Algorithm Run 1

10] .. 2 Core Components have prepared and agreed to founder collaboration agreements that include percentage ownership interests for CORCOM INC

11] .. 10M CRS security tokens minted and two investments made in March.

12] .. 8.3M+ COR utility tokens minted, current supply value ~$66M USD

13] .. 6 digital micromarks™ issued

14] .. 5 digital micropatents™ issued [ Read More Here ]

Vision — -

We set out to accelerate innovation and here we are!!

We’re offering an innovation roadmap and acceleration tools for free.

To speed up the patent process we developed the digital micropatent™ — issued in minutes and hours instead of years

To speed up the trademark process we developed the digital micromark™ — registered in minutes and hours instead of months.

To speed up and lower the cost of web hosting new ideas — we are offering COR based hosting with COR instead of dollars/euro etc.

So you can now earn COR to innovate and then use your COR to pay for work, goods and services, including micropatents™ and micromarks™ and host your web pages online.

To speed up equity discussions and move fixed cost for these discussion and arrangements from ~$1000s to ZERO we’ve implemented the founders collaboration agreement for all our early holdings and we also offer the template for free for core components and innovators to use as and when they like. The founders Collaboration Agreement sets up founding equity among collaborators and founders with zero registration or maintenance fee — they can hold it as-is, modify as/when needed and then have it ready for external launch or internal deals if/when they present themselves or are discovered.

Our vision is a borderless future where level-playing-field innovation can create value for all. Our contribution to this future is an innovation engine that allows anyone to quickly innovate publicly as themselves, or anonymously as an avatar, or both. Our goal is to enable pioneering people everywhere to create and share in billions of dollars of value from their brilliance and passion. Starting with Alpha now (web forms and blockchain) and through Beta (apps, blockchain and dapps) we want to enable anyone to launch and record their idea in minutes for free, earn COR token for innovating, start multiple digital companies quickly and obtain digital micropatents™ and digital micromarks™ (trade mark “use recording”) in minutes. Collapsing the currently accepted and innovation-limiting time, cost, and barrier to entry by orders of magnitude. #create #innovate #accelerate #COR

Happy summer everyone —