Great ideas on your mind with no place to go? Let’s fix that.

Jesse Adams, Ph.D.
Dec 6, 2017 · 4 min read

One of our advisors at, Greg Durkin , just ran an initial paid Google survey for us to find and hear from some of the ideators out there, and out of 1025 total, male and female respondents between the ages of 18 and 54, from across the United States, 82, or 8% of the respondents had a great idea on their mind, so this is for them, for us, and for you.

Do you have an idea you think would make a great product, service, or movie/TV show?

When it came to the kind of great idea, we found that about half were movie or TV shows — cool.

What type of idea(s) do you have?

When it came to idea genesis we were surprised that just about 50% of these great ideas were hatched 1 to 5 years ago. This means they meant something and had staying power. A kind of purpose or mission. The kind of thing that can become frustrating if it never comes to fruition and the kind of thing that might just be important enough to share with the human race.

About how many years ago did you first start thinking about this idea?

Next we found very little progress had been made on most ideas.

Thinking about your favorite idea, how much progress have you made on bringing your idea to market?

The reasons? Money, then time, then lack of support and knowhow among a smattering of various other reasons, but mainly money and time.

Which of the following would you say are keeping you from developing your idea more rapidly?

When offered the idea of developing the idea in a free app with colaborators about 40% were likely to particiapte and 60% were cautious or unlikely.

How likely would you be to submit your idea to a free application where you can incubate and develop your idea (for free) and find collaborators and investors?

The main concern being that someone would steal the idea.

Why would you hesitate to share your idea with a free application and community of collaborators and investors?

Easy entry into a blockchain app could save time, with small recordable work-shards marking incremental progress, money could be saved by using a digital, secure, development environment ( instead of setting up corporations too soon), and money could be earned, created and spent on progress, in the form of crypto tokens — and the token value and product visibility could increase, respectively, as the GDP of the digital eco-system expands. Additionally, a network and community can provide support and insight from others. And here are five answers to consider for the fear of someone stealing your idea:

1) We plan to provide example options for protecting your idea with patents and copyrights — and show the cost estimates associated with each path.

2) Explain the blockchain idea and work progress-logging.

3) Recognize the recorded value and proof of your contribution to new ideas and community.

4) Lead by example and testimonial. Me for example working with teams and investing substantial funding into IP and the creation of many issued patents over 14 years and the preference now to open source and run faster with most of my ideas but still using the option to apply for a patent first in some cases.

5) Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and competition is validation that you are onto something. Don’t be afraid of someone liking your idea enough to give it a go. You can join them, compete, or get re-connected down the road in a bigger merger of similar components.

Join our weekly Google Hang-Out on Wednesdays 11:45am 12:30pm Pacific time to help us further develop solutions, apps, and opportunities for value creation. The alpha-matrix is open now for idea logging and development so let’s build the community and great ideas together.

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