The Bizzle Predicts: Hailee Steinfeld will be Batgirl in Joss Whedon’s next movie. Here’s 10 Reasons Why.

I’m working on my Joss podcast, and i’ve been deliberating this all day, so here it is:

“Batgirl” is going to be Hailee Steinfeld. I have zero inside knowledge about this. Indeed, as BizzleCast listeners know I grew up a Marvel kid, and while the DC TV shows on The CW have been pretty decent and even got me to read a little Green Arrow comics, the to-date creative tire fire known as the DC Expanded Universe (DCEU) on the big screen has given me little reason to explore more obscure DC characters like Batgirl. That is, UNTIL NOW.

I do know Joss Whedon’s works and history extremely well, and Hailee is totally his kind of talented and awesome. If Joss 100% insists that the Batgirl actress be completely unknown, then obviously it couldn’t be Hailee. But I think when he takes 4,6, 8 months to really ponder it, he’ll realize the following about Hailee Steinfeld:

1) She’s exactly the right age to be a Whedon-Girl. Summer Glau (Firefly) and Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy) were fairly young in age but uncannily wise in acting when beginning their rise as Whedonesque superheroines. Certainly describes Hailee, who’s also exceeded the combined film careers of all of Whedon’s TV star-making finds. Which brings me to:

2) She’s at or exceeding the talent of all previous amazing Whedon Girls. This will be much more like working with Scarlett Johansson for him in the first Avengers, although Hailee’s already known to be hilarious while we didn’t quite realize how funny ScarJo can be until she became Black Widow working with Joss.

3) This is exactly the right time in her career to take a superhero role, right as you are getting famous doing everything else, because the success of Batgirl (franchise?) will positively inform her other growing achievements and vice versa, without overshadowing one another. Also, as of this printing (5/2/2017) her only listed future movie is “Pitch Perfect 3” (JOY!) which has already wrapped and will be out at the end of the year. Otherwise, I’m guessing she’s working on her music and maybe taking some college classes. So yeah. She’s free.

4) If she’s being honest with herself, Joss is EXACTLY the kind of director she needs and wants if she ever wants to be a superhero (I’m just going to assume that she does being from the generation where nerdy things are actually cool to more than just a fringe of people). He’s a universally beloved director by his actors and he’s never directed a a bad movie. He’s a great role model and father figure for her (not that she probably needs it), and he will respect her as much as any director in Hollywood. It’s as fool-proof as it gets.

5) I’m pretty sure they both know Hamilton by heart (literally) so that’s a great starting place. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if their are some musical elements to it as she’s also an extremely talented singer and Joss, well… how many ways can one say f**king DOCTOR HORRIBLE’S f**king SING-ALONG f**king BLOG (yes it’s that f**king good). Also Buffy musical.

6) This could lead to future NON-superhero film team ups. This is a pairing that I could see spanning numerous movies over her career.

7) He may say he wants an unknown, but with the Avengers they could spread the risk around in terms of some unknowns (Hems, Evans) by having actors like ScarJo and Sammy J to create visibility. With a solo film with Batgirl which is a somewhat obscure female character it does not hurt to have a little star power at the top.

8) Hailee Steinfeld is just the right amount of famous where her image, fame, and blessed lack of baggage won’t be a threat to Joss’s assuredly epic and unique vision. if she has good advisors, which I have on good authority she does, then they’ll see to that.

9) These days you really want ass-kicking on your resume as a young female actress (see: ScarJo), and since Hailee has a dance background to go with her extremely high physical comedy aptitude and brilliant comedic timing (sound like anybody paging Anna Kendrick) this is honestly as close to a Joss Whedon Special as I can imagine.

10) Finally: She’s tall, she’s gorgeous, she can act the shit out of movies, and she is extremely athletic when she’s not being brilliant at play-acting at being awkward.

And a bonus #11: JK Simmons is going to be playing her character’s father. JK Simmons, Joss Whedon, Hailee Steinfeld.

Is this as obvious to you as it is to me?

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