It’s more fun in Balaleng! Come and Visit anytime! :)

For once in your life, come and visit the Mall beside the National Highway at Balaleng Centro, Bantay, Ilocos sur! If your are traveling, stop for a while and take a look how JTC Bantay would treat you as customers!
Mang Inasal at JTC Bantay, National Highway Balaleng Bantay where you can stop by and eat if you pass by traveling to the North or to the South.
JTC Bantay early preparation for Christmas! Come and take a look after it is finished.
A view of the National Highway where you pass by going North or South of Ilocos Region.
The MEGASCO, where we refill our gasoline tanks for cooking, open from 8:00 a.m. — 8 p.m.
The only gas station you’ll see if you pass by Balaleng, Bantay which is the Northcoast Oil if you are to run out of gas on your travels.
The Balaleng Barangay Hall under construction where our barangay official held their meetings, beside is a Hotel soon to be.
Have a religious stop at Balaleng Centro, Bantay Chapel before you continue to travel.
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