Even Healthier Alternatives To A Standing Desk

Let’s face it: a standing desk is not enough to save your weak, impotent flesh vessel from pathetically collapsing in on itself. Luckily, these innovative desk solutions are here to launch a healthier you. You’ll never get as many steps in as Cheryl in accounting, but upgrading to one of these desks is a step in the right direction.

The Tracc Desk helps your stay on track with your fitness goals and your deliverables as you twist for eight hours a day. It’s perfect for building your core and your capital.

From the makers of everyone’s favorite robotic vacuum comes Deska, the desk that aimlessly wanders around your office while you chase it. If your performance review said you need to be more dynamic, this is the desk for you.

Talk about a start-up win: Swym raised $54 billion on Kickstarter to develop their desk tank in which workers tread water. Every order includes a complimentary wetsuit in either business casual or crushed velvet.

Turn your lame routine upside down with KSEd, an upside down desk that hangs users by their ankles. You’ll become invaluable to your workplace by bringing a new perspective to the table.

Motyv8’s new desk is disrupting the office furniture industry. Harnessing the latest tech in AI and boxing, it punches users and verbally accosts them at random intervals until they perform various exercises and tasks. Users can also link the desk to the cloud for demands and insults tailored to their greatest insecurities.