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[English and Chinese Translation]

It happened…

Most of us have been there, while navigating through the unforgiving rough waters of crypto. Deceived, manipulated, our investments sucked away in the vacuum of space. Although they say “Only invest what you’re willing to lose”, we all know that is not realistic for most of the populous. We all have dreams of being financially free. The reasons, spread across a large complex emotional spectrum. Graduations, weddings, college, retirement, and entrepreneurial ambition drive us to seek opportunities that present “quick gain” potential and exponential growth. For most of us, the reality is, we don’t have $1,000 or $5,000 let alone $10,000 to “lose”. Like vultures, we scavenge where we can, our savings, 401K, IRA’s, even our children’s piggy banks — The FOMO is real and overwhelming. You put your heart into it, manifesting how your life could change overnight. How vacations and expensive dinners are now part of your daily lifestyle. This was the PEPE COIN attraction. For those who missed the first historical wave of Old PEPE, this was the second chance, and for many, their last. Instead, your dreams are swallowed by a nightmare. Your investment suddenly pulled from beneath your feet. Everything is a blur, the panic, confusion, and misdirection. Everything about the project seemed (and still is) legit. The liquidity, 100% burned into smithereens, [poof], gone for all eternity. Contract renounced, not a soul has access to the logic. You are able to sell like a pro Wall-Street prodigy — No honeypot here. The harm was carefully calculated with malicious intent and without remorse. You almost want to give the conman some credit for the stealthy creativity.

However, that was just the beginning of the heartbreak. As the dust settled, the stunned community began to show signs of unity and hope. A couple of members rose as leaders, (or so we thought)…Claiming a better future for the PEPE COIN project. The only thing that followed was deception and hollow promises. The charts steadily declined, bleeding like an open wound. There were no answers, no explanations, no transparency. The community demanded change and a new direction — But, the two imposters had compromised the project, (again). Another blow to the already heavily wounded desperate community. The community was held hostage, as the imposters demanded a ransom (ETH) to hand over the project, (a community project) — leveraging their ownership of the social platforms, (TG and Twitter). The demand was not met and so the Telegram was sabotaged and staged for a new community for new projects. Leaving the PEPE COIN community out in the cold with empty pockets.

So, how did they do it?…

That doesn't matter, because this is not a story about hollow human beings stripping the dreams of good citizens. Rather, a story about an epic comeback, resiliency, and perseverance. A community coming together like an army of ants (well, frogs), to take back what’s theirs — Integrity, dignity, and of course their investments. I do not want to sound cliche BUT this is, without a doubt, the best community i have been a part of in crypto thus far. The unity and comradery has evolved into a feel-good story in crypto, one which the whole world should know about. There isn’t a DEV team leading the way, there is no marketing wallet funneling endless wealth back into the project. PEPE COIN is 100% decentralized and governed by the community. The collaborative efforts have helped PEPE COIN become the Phoenix of crypto. It is a powerhouse ignited by ambition, grit, and relentlessness. Like an army of [frogs] the community continues to march forward and build an even stronger project — Built by the people, for the people. Instead of watching PEPE COIN sink into the bottom of the abyss the community pulled together and jumped into the raging waters to save those who were unaware of the inevitable fate.

Super heroes do not need capes, just a calm mind and good heart. This is what PEPE COIN is all about, family. There is a common goal and each individual has sacrificed time and money to give back to this community. Artists, media content creators, web designers, TA specialists, marketers, this community has a plethora of talented members. All have contributed to promotions, a new website, and communication efforts to update platforms such as Dextools and CoinMarketCap, Twitter and Telegram, including submitting applications for Coingecko. Despite not having a marketing wallet, the community created a ‘Donation Wallet’ which is leveraged for additional promotions, marketing, and calling. The Donation Wallet has already paid dividends for the community, as PEPE COIN was able to raise enough funds for ETH Trending. The community is also planning to raise more funds for Dextool trending, WEIBO exposure for Chinese market streams, and other marketing opportunities. It is truly a team effort and a genuine attempt to resurrect a great project. The passionate efforts have not gone unnoticed, as the project continues to gain the confidence of prospective investors, including whales from reputable projects who helped shape and build their respective communities. The new PEPE COIN Telegram is built to reflect the morals and vision of the community — everyone is welcomed, respected, and carries an essential voice. Our new Twitter handle, @pepecoin_token just launched, as we look to spread our story throughout the crypto space. The holder count is roughly 1,100 [etherscan].

This sort of story happens more often than not, unfortunately. However, the PEPE COIN ARMY is ready to rewrite history. Sitting at around $100K MC (ATH is $5M MC), it is an amazing opportunity for those who may have missed out on other projects. The contract is 100% renounced, and the LIQ is 100% burned. We advise, as always, to do your own research before investing into crypto. With that said, we would love to have you join our community and tag along for the ride…it’s going to be a parabolic one.


我们大多数人都去过那里,同时在加密无情的波涛汹涌中航行。被欺骗,被操纵,我们的投资在太空的真空中吸走了。虽然他们说“只投资你愿意失去的东西”,但我们都知道这对大多数人口众多的人来说是不现实的。我们都梦想着经济自由。但其中的原因,分布在庞大而复杂的情感光谱中。毕业典礼、婚礼、大学、退休和创业雄心促使我们寻找具有“快速收益”潜力和指数增长的机会。对我们大多数人来说,现实是,我们没有1000美元或5000美元,更不用说10000美元可以“失去”。像秃鹰一样,我们尽我们所能地清理我们的储蓄,401K,爱尔兰共和军,甚至我们孩子的储蓄罐 — — FOMO是真实和压倒性的。你把你的心投入其中,表明你的生活可以在一夜之间改变。假期和昂贵的晚餐现在是如何成为你日常生活的一部分。这是PEPE硬币的吸引力。对于那些错过了OldPEPE第一波历史浪潮的人来说,这是第二次机会,对许多人来说,这是最后一次机会。相反,你的梦想被噩梦吞噬了。你的投资突然从你脚下拉了出来。一切都是模糊、恐慌、困惑和误导。关于这个项目的一切似乎(现在仍然是)合法的。流动性,100%烧成铁匠,[噗],永远消失了。合同被放弃,没有一个灵魂可以接触到逻辑。你可以像职业华尔街神童一样销售 — — 这里没有蜜罐。伤害是出于恶意和无悔而仔细计算的。你几乎想给骗子一些隐秘创造力的功劳。
然而,这只是心碎的开始。随着尘埃落定,震惊的社区开始表现出团结和希望的迹象。几位成员成为领导者,(或者我们是这样认为的)……为PEPE COIN项目争取一个更美好的未来。唯一随之而来的是欺骗和空洞的承诺。图表稳步下降,像开放的伤口一样流血。没有答案,没有解释,没有透明度。社区要求改变和新方向 — — 但是,这两个冒名顶替者(再次)破坏了该项目。对已经受重伤的绝望社区的又一次打击。社区被扣为人质,因为冒名顶替者要求赎金(ETH)来移交该项目(一个社区项目) — — 利用他们对社交平台(TG和Twitter)的所有权。需求没有得到满足,因此电报被破坏,并为新社区举办了新项目。把PEPE COIN社区留在寒冷中,空着口袋。
这并不重要,因为这不是一个关于空洞的人剥夺好公民的梦想的故事。相反,一个关于史诗般的复出、韧性和毅力的故事。一个像蚂蚁大军(好吧,青蛙)一样聚集在一起,收回他们的东西 — — 诚信、尊严,当然还有他们的投资。我不想说陈词滥调,但毫无疑问,这是我迄今为止在加密方面参与的最好的社区。团结和同志已经演变成一个在加密中感觉良好的故事,这是全世界都应该知道的。没有一个开发团队带头,也没有营销钱包将无尽的财富重新注入项目。PEPE COIN是100%分散的,由社区管理。协作努力帮助PEPE COIN成为加密的凤凰。这是一个被野心、勇气和无情点燃的强国。就像一支[青蛙]军队一样,社区继续前进,并建立一个更强大的项目 — — 由人民为人民建造。社区没有看着PEPE COIN沉入深渊的底部,而是团结起来,跳入汹涌的水域,以拯救那些不知道不可避免的命运的人。
超级英雄不需要斗篷,只需要一颗平静的头脑和一颗善良的心。这就是PEPE COIN的全部,家人。有一个共同的目标,每个人都牺牲了时间和金钱来回馈这个社区。艺术家、媒体内容创作者、网页设计师、助教专家、营销人员,这个社区有很多才华横溢的成员。所有这些都为促销、新网站和通信工作做出了贡献,以更新Dextools和CoinMarketCap、Twitter和Telegram等平台,包括提交Coingecko的申请。尽管没有营销钱包,但社区还是创建了一个“捐赠钱包”,用于额外的促销、营销和电话。捐赠钱包已经为社区支付了股息,因为PEPE COIN能够为ETH Trending筹集足够的资金。该社区还计划为Dextool趋势、中国市场流的WEIBO曝光率和其他营销机会筹集更多资金。这确实是一项团队努力,也是重振伟大项目的真正尝试。热情的努力并没有被忽视,因为该项目继续获得潜在投资者的信心,包括来自知名项目的鲸鱼,他们帮助塑造和建设了各自的社区。新的PEPE COIN电报旨在反映社区的道德和愿景 — — 每个人都受到欢迎、尊重,并发出重要的声音。我们的新推特账号@pepecoin_token刚刚推出,因为我们希望在整个加密领域传播我们的故事。持有人计数约为1,100[etherscan]。
不幸的是,这种故事经常发生。然而,PEPE COIN ARMY已经准备好重写历史了。坐在10万美元左右(ATH是500万美元MC),对于那些可能错过了其他项目的人来说,这是一个绝佳的机会。合同100%放弃,LIQ100%燃烧。我们一如既往地建议在投资加密货币之前进行自己的研究。话虽如此,我们很想让你加入我们的社区,一起骑行……这将会是一场伟大的航行!