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When the Unpopular Wins, it Wins Big!

I must have read two books about Toyota. In one of them, I recall how it was recorded how the 82 year-old Toyota sells the most cars in the world, way ahead of General Motors which makes the Ford, Cadillac and others. Then as part of my routine, I recently caught up with some financial report on the barely 17 year-old Tesla that only became popular a few years back.

As at the start of July, Tesla was crowned the automaker with the biggest market capitalization in the world. At $208 billion, the…

Autosparkle Team out to detail a Porsche Panamera

When in a particular segment of the market, you have to connect with the hearts of other players in there. In an interview luxury furniture maker VAVA’s MD, Michael Tawadrous granted, there was just a sync in our philosophy as a co-player in the luxury automotive and furniture care space?

Most people have asked us why our clientele is specialized and pricing far above average in the market. Here is a question he answered and it resonated with what we have held unto since Autosparkle ‘s relaunch.

Q: Don’t you think it is because your products are not affordable that…

One of the things I relearnt in the past few days through the voting process, apart from having @dr.emuwa come speak to us on the subject in the @forbes Accelerator Program is this: Don’t joke with people! They’ve got power.

I was first daunted when we were told we’d have to be voted for to get a pitching slot. Why? I didn’t wanna disturb people with requests, afterall everybody minds his business. But then I began to look round and discovered oh wow, I actually do know a lot of people and have developed good rapport with them.

If you…

The danger is real!

What if one day we all wake up to NO WATER to drink, bathe with or cook with- talk more of wash our cars with? Did you know that climate change affects the quantity and quality of the water resources available to you and I?

The dwindling water resources as a result of climate change is a pointer to looming water danger and its catastrophic consequences on other sectors like Agriculture, Industry and Tourism.

17 countries, including Nigeria– home to a quarter of the world’s population–will face “extremely high” water stress within 20 years. …

There’s a rising wave of 9–5ers now favouring starting a side hustle. Not only is this interesting, it’s already catching on seriously like wild fire. But here’s what I’ve noticed:

Most 9–5ers starting a side hustle almost always go wrong with customer profiling and targeting. You’re starting your own business and you think your audience has to be your co-workers and church members only. I laugh in complexity! Soon this set of erring would-be entrepreneurs begin to realize that their profitability will continue to be in doubt if they have to keep dealing only with people who never stop raising…

9 ways to know when a company is sick and needs urgent attention.

These include when:

  1. It is becoming normal to make promises and not fulfill them
  2. Emphasis on following orders is beginning to override the need to take initiatives and prioritize disruption “when absolutely necessary”
  3. The gap between welfare for lower cadre staff and management and high level staff is as wide as the margin between the ruling class and the ordinary Nigerian
  4. Corporate discipline is non-existent or is in consistently declining state — Fairness in judgment is a matter of prejudice (favouritism, nepotism and all what not…)


Can you really work for as long as you need to? These lifestyle activities have proven to keep my juices flowing endlessly.

Work longer from today

I discovered that one of my strengths is a long-staying power with tasks. I just recently sat back and wondered the things I do at work that subconsciously fuel me. I think you can try them out as well and let me know if they work for you and what extra things you personally do to get going.

  1. Music

Can we get real?

It is an indubitable fact that digital devices have provided the utmost ease to our lives. I sometimes snap back to the reality of literally having my own assistant in my hands and how I do not need to cram schedules or refer to handwritten notes or diaries on important tasks I need to attend to sometime later. The speed at which we get the information we need with just some form of internet connectivity is something we now take for granted because it just seems normal now. …

Do you want to glue your readers to your post from the get go?

Then there are certain principles you need to apply when writing your blog posts. I’d like to share with you

Quick tips for writing a magnetic introduction.

You should Start with a story, a promise, or a startling fact.

This instantly peeks the interest of your reader. He’ll want to get more details that will support your opening paragraph by reading further. We all know what facts are, right? Cool.

The choice of your story depends on you and the overall theme of your write-up. In…

Jesse Onomiwo

Co-founder @MyAutosparkle : Africa’s Leading Waterless Luxury Car Detailing Group | Digital & Social Media Marketing Denizen | Previously at Insight Publicis

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