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Tesla Car. Credit: Unsplash

When the Unpopular Wins, it Wins Big!

I must have read two books about Toyota. In one of them, I recall how it was recorded how the 82 year-old Toyota sells the most cars in the world, way ahead of General Motors which makes the Ford, Cadillac and others. Then as part of my routine, I recently caught up with some financial report on the barely 17 year-old Tesla that only became popular a few years back.

As at the start of July, Tesla was crowned the automaker with the biggest market capitalization in the world. At $208 billion, the company is now worth more than Toyota, despite failing to achieve its production targets and very limited profits. …

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Autosparkle Team out to detail a Porsche Panamera

When in a particular segment of the market, you have to connect with the hearts of other players in there. In an interview luxury furniture maker VAVA’s MD, Michael Tawadrous granted, there was just a sync in our philosophy as a co-player in the luxury automotive and furniture care space?

Most people have asked us why our clientele is specialized and pricing far above average in the market. Here is a question he answered and it resonated with what we have held unto since Autosparkle ‘s relaunch.

Q: Don’t you think it is because your products are not affordable that most people prefer to patronise other roadside furniture makers who could equally give them something as good? …

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One of the things I relearnt in the past few days through the voting process, apart from having @dr.emuwa come speak to us on the subject in the @forbes Accelerator Program is this: Don’t joke with people! They’ve got power.

I was first daunted when we were told we’d have to be voted for to get a pitching slot. Why? I didn’t wanna disturb people with requests, afterall everybody minds his business. But then I began to look round and discovered oh wow, I actually do know a lot of people and have developed good rapport with them.

If you do have the opportunity to meet people, build a strong bond (from my personal experience, you shouldn’t force it though, as some people could naturally be snobbish or saucy). Look out for their interests and support them in the best way you can. …

Jesse Onomiwo

Co-founder @MyAutosparkle : Africa’s Leading Waterless Luxury Car Detailing Group | Digital & Social Media Marketing Denizen | Previously at Insight Publicis

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