Your Smallest Fear.

What is your biggest fear? According to the top 100 fears are things that won’t be surprising. The list includes spiders, snakes, heights, small spaces germs and all the other creepy things this world has to offer. A lot of these fears have the direct potential to end life rather quickly. It makes sense that standing at the edge of a 200 foot cliff unsettles our stomach a little bit. Ron Weasley has every reason to be afraid of spiders after what he went through in that forest. If you get into the ocean without thinking about sharks then you haven’t seen Jaws. The point is that a lot of our biggest fears come from a place of logic. Fact: The ocean contains creatures that have eaten people without needing to take a second bite. Therefore if I am in the ocean I could be eaten. Fact: You have a greater chance of being struck by lightning or dying by falling coconuts then you do a shark attack. But when’s the last time you saw someone avoiding palm trees? for the purpose of this post I’d like to talk about 3 types of fears. the first 2 are mentioned above and happen to be the most obvious. I’d like to touch on the third.

  1. A Logical Fear- The kind that stops us in our tracks and saves our life. This is the fear that stops you from petting a rattle snake.
  2. An Irrational Fear- The kind that keeps you from getting into the lake because you can’t see what’s beneath you. Who knows… maybe loch ness really is down there.
  3. Your smallest Fear- In my personal opinion and experience this is the most damaging fear to our lives. This is the fear you don’t even know you have. It’s hardest to Identify and It’s the hardest (for me at least) to get over.

What is your Smallest fear? A bit harder to answer right? Your smallest fear lands somewhere between logic and Irrationality. It does not stop us where we stand but rather shifts our direction ever so slightly. It’s a gentle nudge. It is the fear that interrupts us and distracts us. The kind fear that invokes procrastination. The fear that induces a mentality that produces excuse after excuse. It is what stops us from doing what we actually want to do. It revolves around what others think of you. It is this kind of fear that strips the purity from what we create in order to please the ones who might look at it. this fear is hard to get over because it requires diligent and repetitive work. Work with the intentions of pushing back on our ever so subtle fear. Work to identify where we are fearful and take practical steps to getting over it.

Today my smallest fear is publishing. So today I publish.

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