I’m excited to announce the release of a project we’ve been working on for a long while in our free time over at Dragon Army. But first, a preface.

A little history

UI designers and coders have near endless free and premium resources to help facilitate their workflows and speed up their processes. Seems like a new design kit or front-end framework is released every other day, giving these roles a great and expansive set of tools to use on new projects.

As I transitioned into full-time UX work at Dragon Army, it became obvious to me that those of us in dedicated…

Please stop using terribly rendered web fonts.

With the inevitable rise of the modern, capable browser and the wonderful functionality it brings, we are, in turn, treated to browser rendering issues that stem up from either:

  • lack of QA
  • lack of care

I don’t think I’m missing an option there. Offenders fit into one of those two buckets*. Anyways, this is all I want to say:

People, fix your crappy web font rendering.

Now, on to the examples.

© olly — Fotolia.com

For the love of god…

In my relatively short tenure in product design, I’ve seen my fair share of victories and failures, be it my own, my colleagues or fellow app builders. I’m definitely no [insert famed Silicon Valley wunderkind here], but I do know two surefire phrases you can say if you want to begin the downward spiral of your product. Ahem…

“It’s finished.”

More like “You’re finished”, amirite? Seriously, you’re not Jesus, Mr. Product Manager, and this will be the beginning of the end if you, on any god-forsaken level, believe it. This usually comes buttoned up with statements like:

Just gotta knock out the…

What to do…what to do…

Every time I fire up Chrome, I’m treated to a visual feast of Dribbble content thanks to the very cool Benchwarmer extension. I look at the veritable cornucopia of screens, mocks, details, and projects and a wave of feelings wash over me — stuff like awe, inspiration, commendation, excitement… I absolutely love seeing the amazing stuff coming out of designers.

Then the other side of feelings come in when I start thinking about my Dribbble feed, like inferiority, jealousy, envy… and I say “Well, they are all designing cool shit — why am I not designing more cool shit, too?

As Apple’s keynote closed up yesterday, I think it is safe to say the vocal Appleverse has probably never been more split. In the wake of Forstall’s departure, the Ive-lead iOS redesign was unveiled to metoric applause and ridicule. And while I definitely have my strong opinion about which camp I lay in, I’d rather discuss the bigger problems of iOS: user preference, meaningful services and unwillingness take any risk.

For the love of god Apple - let me choose what browser I want to use.

I get it. You made a browser. You think it’s the bee’s knees. It’s…

I’ve been working on a web app that had no design resource on it for 4 months. A third of a year of developer-driven UI, UX and interaction decisions. There was tons of functionality there, and kudos to the dev team for it, but it was a good ways off from usable. But that’s understandable - the team working on it were full-on developers, not design resources.

The state of the app reminded me of the treehouse that Phil Dunphy built in an episode of Modern Family - while still technically a treehouse, someone that cares about the foundation and…

Jesse Wallace

Hey, I design products and play kickball. I’m also a native Atlantan with a love for scotch, ux and his butt kicking family.

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