Who are we? We are the Trim Buddies… ok to be up front we are an online store supplying you with the supplies you need to grow your own at home. Easy to find and easy to use products available at TrimBuddies.com … however we are more than that. We are a part of the home growing community, we support the legalization of marijuana nationwide, and above all we are here to help you grow your own supply at home.

What is the number 1 thing we have learned while growing at home as well as building a user friendly home grow website is that we are part of a community, a community of growers that have a combined knowledge that will forever surpass any one source. So here we are, the Grown at Home Community Blog. Please contact us with your medium account to be added as a writer and share your own story here. Help others from what you have learned, help other grow their own supply… maybe even just brag a bit and share some of your photos, it’s cool we’re all a community remember…

Jesse Williams

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