The Problem With Emancipation Education
Alex Ellison

This idea of tertiary schooling in our country being “emancipatory” rings strnogly with me; however, I am curious about the “beyond” you mention in your personal tagline. Online learning aside, I am curious about the multitude of ways with which we can learn individually and collectively outside of institutional walls. And this is more than homeschooling. Unschooling, as a sole concept, touches where I am going, but (more importantly) it is perhaps better to ask: For what purpose are we pursuing learning in the first place? And how are we encouraged to pursue said purpose? I like the idea of using “Dunce” to denote the fact that we are unique and sometimes outside the box in our thoughts and pursuits, but does it sufficiently broach the diverse, community element necessary to sustain this as a movement? You hint at it above in your only underscored statement, but these are big questions as we consider where we go from here.

Thank you for the thoughtful piece!