I’m Studying Torah Asshole: How the Egoistic World Will Produce Angels

“I place upon them a king such as Haman, and he will force them to repent.”

The world is approaching a state of complete darkness. Only through these conditions can the light awaken.

We should strive for divine will, the final correction that illuminates not only the state of the world, but gives us the means to piece together what ails us. The great Kabbalist, Baruch Ashlag (The Rabash) writes, “The order of the work in Torah and Mitzvot begins with Lo Lishma [not for Her name; for one’s own benefit], as it is written in The Zohar, “Some keep Torah and Mitzvot in order to be rewarded in this world, and some work in Torah and Mitzvot to have the next world.” However, his reward is only what he will receive in his vessels of self-reception, which is considered earthliness. This manner is called “people of the earth,” meaning that they do not move from the earth, which is called the “will to receive.””

The world was moving forward through the ego and after the time of the Rashi (11th century), egoistic development in the Jews was in line and in fact greater than those building empires at the expense of common people. They were however united and devoted to God, devoid of fantasy, clung to their Creator and aware he didn’t exist without their mutual love and exertion. Though many acquired vast wealth, they lived in simplicity, hated idols and lived separately from the Egyptians (not the people but the egoistic and material aims of man).

Now no one lives in service of the Creator. The religious work became exclusively for one’s own egoistic development. This creates a problem within the religious who see themselves as righteous, when they are actually more egoistic than the majority.

No one wants to hear how empty they are, because their intention is incorrect. The klipot (shells that block light and connection with the Creator) of religion has corrupted spiritual matters throughout history and now there is no positive element in traditional lo lishma (for personal benefit) religious devotion. People believe by performing actions they are pleasing the Creator regardless of their intention, when they are damaging the world more than the secular.

Though throughout history many people in attainment were largely the result of their dedication to the nature of the Mitzvot (following laws and customs, praying), they worked against their desire. We see today that the younger generations, especially those most developed mostly believe in nothing. This nothingness is actually the right tool for our development into a world of sanctity. Though we no longer are driven by shame and honor, our desires have developed to a point wherein all our lusts are easily fulfilled.

There is limitless reception of everything one could ever want and at a fair price or for free. The internet is mostly free or easy to steal from. Though it seems the nihilism this produces is a vulgarity that puts Satan over our shoulder it does the exact opposite. The world will soon see that the Creator is aiding us through these corruptions.

It is easy to open up the desires when we learn that nothing is real and that we will never be fulfilled. This is happening on a huge scale in the egoistic world before us. It means we want something more. Sex has even begun to lose some of its flavor and that’s good, because the failure of sex for one’s own pleasure will lead one to the infinite pleasure of bestowing in order to receive. We will build a world of love without religions, without borders that fights the battle of lishma (for the sake of the Creator) to receive what the Creator bestows upon us with open arms, casting aside the evil inclination for one’s self and we will see clearly that this inclination only drives us to become faithful soldiers to the Creator! We will live as angels without limits, as pure divine rods of love. Angels have free will, but evil is not an option for them.

Jesse Bogner is a twenty nine year old author, screenwriter and journalist. His memoir and social critique, The Egotist (Amazon Bestseller), has been translated into four languages. In 2013, he moved from New York City, where he was born and raised, abandoning a decadent lifestyle, to study Kabbalah in Israel. His work has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel. He has been featured in misleading articles from media outlets including CNN, Wired Magazine and others. He is currently writing a novel.