November 27–28, 2015

A play-by-play of last night

10:30 — Finish off the last bit of wine with my dad and wife and head to bed.

5:00 am — Roen’s initial wake up for the night. He went to bed at 8:00 so this was pretty good! Mom took care of him this time to feed him.

5:15 am — Roen has a giant spit up all over mom and her side of the bed. The bed is drenched.

5:16 am — Go to Roen’s room, where my dad is sleeping. Wake him up on accident to get extra burp clothes and a change of jammies.

5:19 am — Roen has another small spit up.

5:20 am — Decide that Danica’s side of the bed is unusable, I volunteer to sleep on the couch. Start rocking Roen to sleep.

5:23 am — Roen has large burp, is very drooly.

5:25 am — Roen is dozing off, but fighting sleep.

5:30 am — Roen has a giant poop.

5:32 am — Roen is smiling at me.

5:33 am — Roen is scratching the side of his changing table and looking at it in awe. He loves the sound of it. He is very happy.

5:35 am — Roen is changed and wide awake.

5:37 am — Roen is becoming more sleepy.

5:44 am — Roen has another small spit up.

5:50 am — Roen is very tired. Fighting sleep.

6:00 am — Roen is asleep. Set him down in his bed.

6:02 am — Get comfortable on the couch.

6:03 am — Roen has woken up and is crying.

6:04 am — Rock Roen to sleep again.

6:12 am — Roen is asleep again.

6:13 am — Get comfortable on the couch.

6:14 am — Roen is awake again.

6:16 am — Roen is asleep again.

6:16am — I am asleep.

6:30am — Roen is awake and hungry. Mom wakes up and feeds him.

6:50am — Roen is fed, and asleep. Mom is asleep.

8:15am — Coffee.

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