Marketing a Franchise and a Small Business at the Same Time

This weekend, I packed up my family and all the dogs and we headed to Ohio for Dueling Dogs event. If you don’t know what Dueling Dogs is, check it out online, it’s a pretty cool up and coming dog sport. Anyway, while I was there I was able to meet up with my partners at The Upbeat K9 and we had an opportunity to work on some marketing videos. Now traditionally I would be making marketing videos about dog training, testimonials, etc. but we went a different direction with these. Being that we are growing local training companies but also growing a corporation that franchises out local training companies, we had two things we needed to market. For potential customers of our franchises, we are selling a product. Dog training. Not just any dog training though, The Upbeat K9 training system. Customized and balanced training but also constantly evolving and staying on the dog training front. That’s why we stand out as a company and that’s what we want potential clients to know when they’re deciding.

Now for potential franchisees, we’re selling something different. We’re creating turn-key dog training businesses, with tested and proven systems, software, etc. We’re selling a business. Most people already know that franchises statistically have an easier time becoming successful than an independently started small business. Our systems, our training curriculum, even the lettered vans that new franchisees are heading home with, set us apart and, as any other company would do, we needed to get that message out. It doesn’t stop with the things we offer our franchises though. We are also creating a culture around The Upbeat K9. A different way trainers interact with each other, clients, the public, and dogs. When I created The Upbeat K9, I already had an image in my mind of what an Upbeat K9 would look like, act like, train like, the list goes on. Now I have the opportunity to make that a reality. Fortunately I do a lot of different things in the dog community so I get to see all the good and bad and we can use that as we grow.

There’s another piece that I hope to get across in all of the marketing videos we shot this weekend and any marketing we do in the future. Support. Support from The Upbeat K9 to all of its location owners, trainers and staff, and support from every Upbeat K9 trainer and staff member to their clients. I think it’s one of the most important things a business can offer it’s clients and locally our clients are buying training, corporately they’re buying businesses. We have to offer support for both, and we do and always will. It’s part of the culture that people are buying into.

So now, after hours of editing footage and watching them 100 times, they will be posted on all our social media outlets. Facebook (personal and business), YouTube, Twitter, and of course on They will make their way into the ever growing Upbeat K9 video library. As we grow, new videos will be put out for training, marketing, and other parts of the business.

Be sure to check out these videos and our other ones on YouTube on The Upbeat K9 Channel and check out our Facebook page for our shorter training videos of our current clients.