Why Mobile Training Works

The Upbeat K9 is based, primarily, on a mobile training system. While our location in Rutland, VT. has a facility, most of the locations will start as mobile training. Most dog training businesses that people think of are based out of facilities. There’s a few reasons why I like our system better:

  1. We’re in an age of direct to consumer business. More and more people are having groceries delivered by services like Pea Pod, buying their house good, electronics, etc. online through sites like Amazon. Why wouldn’t we offer the same kind of service?
  2. There’s another reason that number 1 is important to our system. So maybe this is more like 1B. If we’re coming out to people, at their homes, vets, etc. there’s a good chance they will continue to follow training programs. They don’t need to show up every week to a facility. If I can make it easier to access training, more people are apt to train their dogs.
  3. We get to train dogs in the situations they see every day. We see what they’re dealing with at home, on walks in their neighborhood, when they go to the vet, etc. That way we’re providing support where our clients need it the most.

Don’t get me wrong; trainers in facilities, like our trainers in Rutland, provide top notch training to their clients. For me, I see dog training taking the mobile approach and I see more and more clients going that route. Like our training styles, I want our approaches to be on the fore front and I truly think, in this direct to consumer age, bringing the training to you will be the shift in how dog trainers conduct their business.