Sundays are for Sermons & Strategies

Paths & Purpose

Lately, I’ve been living my life more intentionally.

As the week ends and a new one begins it is necessary you cut out time to feed your soul and also deliberately outline what the coming week will look like.

Sundays are for sermons. Church is very important for me because I go there to set myself on fire for the coming week. When you realise that we are spirits that possess bodies and souls and not bodies that have spirits you start to care for your spirit better. I’m either binge watching sermons from my favourite pastors/teachers or listening to their podcasts. Either way I try to make myself hear sermons that edify me. People I listen to vary, from Calvinists like John Piper to Charismatic Pentecostals like Bill Johnson of Bethel Church to Christian Apologetics like Ravi Zacharias. I try not to miss feasting on their works. Feed your spirit, feed your life.

Sundays are for strategies. Yesterday, I wrote about dreamers and doers in this post. If we want our dreams to become realities we must plan, deliberately, make it happen. You must reverse engineer your vision, your goals, your dream and see what it you will have to do day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year. Last week, I broke down my goals using Trello to map out set objectives from 6 months t0 20 years. It will involve editing them, updating and probably canceling some of them. But you must have an overarching vision and then map out what you will have to do daily to achieve these goals. So I use Sundays to do this.

Sundays are for sermons and strategies. I feed and set my self on fire with sermons but I also set out time to reverse engineer what it will take me to achieve my dreams. Clouds and dirts; be dreamers, be doers!