The Journey is Everything, Enjoy it!

Jesse Dan-Yusuf (Jos, 2014)

There’s only Today, Yesterday is past and Tomorrow is not promised.

In my small time on earth I’ve learnt to not dwell so much in the past and not to deliriously live in the future. We should all have big dreams we want to see brought into reality but that shouldn’t mean we should dream so much we forget about the day called Today. We shouldn’t also get trapped in Yesterdays by hurts and nostalgia. We should look forward to the future with a longing, remember the past for its lessons but make sure we don’t waste Today.

The journey to Tomorrow is everything, enjoy it!

Be present. Each day has its own blessings. Let’s not be so distracted by the worries of tomorrow we forget to really live in the moment, appreciating all that’s around us.

Adapt. Life is not fair. As cliche as “when life gives you lemons make lemonades” is, it is still holds true. Learn to take what life has given you and turn it into your strength.

God has given you only one life. Only one! The journey is everything, enjoy it. We will get to our desired future but live for today, forget the past and look forward to your future.