UI Goodies started as a simple directory of high-quality resources for designers. Over the past year, the site has grown to include over 300 resources, but the most exciting updates are not the directory! This year, the site has evolved to include Guides, the best Job sites, Deals for designers, educational articles, and more. The new direction and goal for UI Goodies are to offer more value for designers. You will always be able to find the best design resources on UI Goodies, but now you can read thoughtful articles and have a different way to explore and discover resources.

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When you’re a freelancer, time is your most precious asset. Your ability to control how you spend time during your day impacts how much work you can get done, and how much money you can make.

You’ve got to get work done at the same as you’re juggling multiple projects, meeting clients and possibly hunting down new work. You’re busy.

One of the most exhilarating parts of freelancing is when a new project kicks off. You’ve done the hard work of scoping, negotiating, understanding the client’s needs and the requirements of the work. …

In September of 2018, I wrote a post that included tips for being successful as a freelancer. Having done it myself for many years, I felt I had some valuable knowledge to share.

In the post, I included relevant tools and resources that may be helpful to freelancers along their journey. Tools to help you — as a freelancer — to manage your business, keep track of your time, and invoice. Resources to help you learn, improve, get better at running a freelancing business, scope projects, and figure out how and what to charge.

As I started to hear from…

The truth revealed!

The relationship between designer and product manager is an interesting one. We work closely together, and there is much overlap between what both people do and bring to the table. Pair this with no shortage of opinions and throw in a little sprinkling of ego and we have a party!

  • Both designers and product managers need to understand the business goals and user needs and have organizational awareness.
  • Both think about potential features to build, if and how we should build them, and who they serve.
  • Both people think about design and interactions — and in some cases both actually…

Jobs for Growth Designers have been bubbling up over the past couple of years rising in popularity and demand. Growth is an excellent area of opportunity for designers. It’s not a far cry from what we do now, and it adds measurable value to a business.

If you’re interested in focusing more on growth design, this list of resources will help get you started. The best way to develop your skills is practice but if you can’t pivot to a growth job right now, there are ways to focus more on growth wherever you are.

Before we get into the…

Great customer experiences don’t happen by accident. In digital product design, the customer experience encompasses everything that the product team does; development, design, DevOps, and QA — everyone’s role impacts the customer experience but especially the design and user experience. Since I’m a product designer, there’s a particular part of the process that I’m obsessed with, and that’s making sure that designs get implemented as intended. What does this mean? It means ensuring that design work is coded to closely if not perfectly match the actual designs.

Why is this important?

Consistency is one of the main tenets of good product design. Over time…

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If you missed part one of this series, here it is!

Note: posts do need to be read in sequential order.

As designers, we often find ourselves in the position of the copywriter. It makes sense; we are closest to the interface and content in many cases drives design decisions, so it must come first.

Maybe your company doesn’t have a copywriter or UX Writer. Even when UX Writers exist, they can sometimes unintentionally be left out of the loop. Either way, the copy must be written, and the responsibility is ours, whether we asked for it, are comfortable with it or not! …

hat a time to be alive. When it comes to design, prototyping and animation tools, stock photo sites, design systems and frameworks and the like — there are so many options! The tipping point to decision fatigue is nearing! It’s hard to keep track of all the vast resources at our disposal. My motivation to create UI Goodies came from here.

For awhile now, I’ve been keeping a list of my favorite design and UI resources. While curated lists are nothing new, my personal list became too much to manage and I saw value in sharing the list with…

Jess Eddy

Digital product designer. I write about design, teamwork and exercise. Currently in Sydney, AUS.

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