Here are the best tools and resources for your freelancing business

Jess Eddy
Jess Eddy
Jan 7 · 6 min read

In September of 2018, I wrote a post that included tips for being successful as a freelancer. Having done it myself for many years, I felt I had some valuable knowledge to share.

In the post, I included relevant tools and resources that may be helpful to freelancers along their journey. Tools to help you — as a freelancer — to manage your business, keep track of your time, and invoice. Resources to help you learn, improve, get better at running a freelancing business, scope projects, and figure out how and what to charge.

As I started to hear from people, I realized that the tools and resources turned out to be some of the most valuable content in the post. I took the natural next step and turned the blog post into a Website, collecting all these valuable assets as well as new ones, and showcasing them under one roof.

Check it out:

Freelancers face challenges

As a freelancer, there are struggles. You often times, work alone and are responsible for finding clients and generating your own revenue. You’re undoubtedly skilled but translating those skills into a business can be hard.

Over the years, I’ve realized that acquiring knowledge and self-educating in areas where you want to become better — along with practice — is the best way to succeed and get better at something. This may seem like common sense, but it’s an easy step to skip when you have a business to run. Changing is more laborious than staying the same.

My goal with We Freelancing is to showcase the best content, tools, and resources to help you become a better freelancer and run a better business.

When we become better, and we have the right tools, we spend less time managing and working and more time producing, creating and making money, which allows us to live our best lives — and who doesn’t want that?

Curation is still valuable — here’s why

Last year I created a directory of resources for designers and UI developers called UI Goodies: I’m certainly not the only person on the Internet putting curated lists together, but I have to admit, there’s a certain satisfaction in doing so. With all the noise on the Internet, it’s becoming incredibly difficult to find what you’re looking for and to know what is worth paying attention to.

When I launched UI Goodies, I didn’t expect it to garner much interest, but it did, and the warm reception and love I got back from the design community made me really realize that projects like this are worth it.

While it may be difficult for your work to have an impact on a large, global scale, it’s relatively easy to have an effect on your community — whatever your community is.

What can you find at We Freelancing?!

In addition to the tools and resources from the original blog post, I’ve scooped up some new ones that I think you’ll like.

We Freelancing offers one place to find the best books, podcasts, and articles as well as job sites and other tools to help you run your business.

There’s an expanded selection of books. It’s not an extensive list, but it’s an extremely high-quality one. Dan Mall’s book on Pricing Design can help you figure out the best pricing strategy for your project; Company of One by Paul Jarvis highlights the benefits of staying small and offers ways to set up your business, determine your desired revenues, and deal with unexpected crises.

There’s a small list of articles including Dan Mall’s timeless piece on How to Scope work as well as a couple articles from one of my favorite writers writing about freelance, Benek Lisefski: What to Charge as a Freelancer and How to Work With Freelance clients.

There’s also a section for the best freelancing-related Podcasts, just to name a few: Double Your Freelancing by Brennan Dunn, Let’s Make Mistakes by Mike Monteiro and Creative Class by Kaleigh Moore and Paul Jarvis.

View resources:

Podcasts on We Freelancing

Also in the directory is a business management section which includes subsections for time tracking tools, platforms you can use to manage your business, links to healthcare resources and legal and accounting resources.

A couple of my personal favorites include Freckle, which I used for many years to track time and invoice clients as well as Bench Accounting, which I use to manage my books and reconcile my expenses (so I literally don’t have to do any of it)! I highly recommend!

One of the most exciting and valuable sections is Job Sites. I’ve rounded this category out to include 10 quality places to source freelance work. Much of the content on We Freelancing is geared towards designers and developers. As the site grows, I’ll consider expanding the material out for other professions and contexts. Don’t hesitate to make a suggestion!

There’s a small section for Marketing Tools for design and site creation. Tools like Carrd, which you can use to a simple, free, fully responsive one-page Website, One Page Love templates if you’d like to find a starter site to work with that’s already coded and Canva and Pablo (by Buffer) that allow you to easily make promotional graphics and social media images. I’d love to add more quality resources to this section, if you have recommendations, please let me know!

View resources:

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Job sites on We Freelancing

Lastly, there’s a section for videos and a couple top-notch rate calculators that I’ve already found really handy. The rate calculators are great if (1) you’re trying to figure out an initial base rate to charge and (2) if you’re trying to understand rates in different geographic areas. Definitely check them out and take them for a spin!

Rate Calculators on We Freelancing

Do you have suggestions?

I’m cognizant of the need for quality, and my goal is not to include every single resource I come across but rather only the excellent ones that can help you the most. In addition to personally vetting many of the tools and resources, I’ve cross-referenced content and lists from the Internet.

My Twitter community has been constructive, I’d like to thank you Twitter community for great suggestions and recommendations! 💖

This directory is by no means finished! If there’s a resource you’d like to recommend, you can leave a comment, shout to me on Twitter or fill in this quick suggestion form.

If you’d like to be notified when new freelancing resources are added, sign up — newsletters will be infrequent.

Jess Eddy

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Jess Eddy

Digital product designer. I write about design, teamwork and exercise. Currently in Sydney, AUS.

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